FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD – Comparison Video

Debuting live on SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS, this video compares the footage of the original FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 to FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD on current generation consoles.



  1. Now On AFM

    I can't believe the amount of people asking for a Vita port. It's like the Vita suddenly became the best selling system…when in actuality (ironically) it's the least selling system thus far. X1/PS4 has a much wider reach, plus the FFXV demo packed in will also hit both consoles. I have a feeling that the Vita demand is just to complain about Square-Enix pulling out the fan translated PSP version, which encouraged people to pirate the UMD rip for free in order to play it.

  2. Edward Montiel

    cant wait to play this on my ps4 i just hope i beat the story before it comes out so im not playing the game on the psp and ps4 lol

  3. Iron Lion

    0:57 check out the sweg on that guy

  4. Fflutter Sshy

    WOW. Far better than I had anticipated!

  5. Tomcat407

    I hacked this comment so nobody can like it

  6. Guga

    The song…so many feels. They did a great job, looks amazing.

  7. Perrito

    i just preordered this game because of the ff xv demo, looks good tho.

  8. RevyTwoHand

    Not often can you so easily tell the difference between a original and HD remake. Makes me glad I did get the Collectors Edition.

  9. Prince of Light

    Wow. I must say I'm upset by the comments here… Then again it's YouTube. Honestly I've accepted that's not coming to PS3 and Vita aged ago. For Vita it makes sense, it's a dead platform, even Sony doesn't want to put anymore effort into it even though it's a pretty powerful handheld. "But ma FFX/X-2 Remaster on Vita!" Differences in hardware. It was easier to do it with FFX since it was also being developed for PS3 as well. Meanwhile the PS4 is using a different architecture than that. There's also the fact that they want to grab and attract Japanese gamers to the new consoles since they already played it on the PSP, leaving it on Vita and PS3 would defeat that purpose.
    And if you thought the Vita version was "promised", it was just a big fucked-up error. Move on folks. SE don't care about Type-0 being on Vita, either put up with it and don't buy it or buy it since you keep looking at these videos (surely you're interested enough).

  10. Ronldbx6

    I love the overall charm they gave the graphics. I really can't wait to try this game once I get a PS4.

  11. Alejandro Gutierrez

    They can remake this but not the countless other titles we been asking for. Aka chrono trigger ffVII etc

  12. NextGenCeo

    59$ for just HD remake from PSP system. It's not fair. I'm huge Final Fantasy fan but i will not pay full AAA game price for HD remake.

  13. MisterButterfingers

    …WOW, that was a bit more than i expected!

  14. gomgomboy

    this ain't " shut up and take my money ! " u already took my money!!!! pre-ordering  so when r u gonna release it!!!! =(

  15. kris sanchez

    wish they could remaster final fantasy 8 & 9 like this

  16. David Whetzel

    Heads up guys Square Enix does not care about you. I got a FFXIV for christmas and it did not come with a registration key. The retailer says mmo games with reg keys are non returnable. Square enix wont help either read below for thier reply to my claim. and mine to thiers. You had your chance Square enix. and all this after weeks of not being able to install the game because thier installer does not work.

    Dear Customer,
    Regarding your request for account support. Please find your answer below.
    We do apologize, but if your game did not come with a required or valid registration code or product key, you will need to approach the retailer who sold it to you and request an exchange or refund. We do apologize but we cannot replace missing or invalid registration codes under any circumstances.
    Thank you for contacting the SQUARE ENIX Support Center

    Okay no problem Ill just throw the game away. You had the chance to get a long time customer back, but I can see that you really do not care. Your game wont even install properly anyway. So after weeks of headaches with your buggy game why should you care about taking care of a customer? The only reason I wanted to play your game is because my father who played FFXI with me passed away before he got a chance to play your new game. Having to wait 5 days just for you to deny the claim you obviously don't care about your subscribers either. Ill make sure to spread this experience through social media. I was looking forward to reliving the times I had with my dad but as I explained in my support email the retailer who my mom purchased it from will not return the game because it does not have the registration key. and you will not help me out because you don't care. So that's just waist-ed money when even if you gave me the game you would have gotten years of subscription fees out of me, and a positive review.

    PS How do you expect to get new players when your digital download and cd install both give constant errors and will not even install the launcher?

  17. Tristan Lopez

    i just hope we change the games language to Japanese with subs   

  18. oniru12345

    Why do i get the feeling that the camera may still end up being my greatest foe.

  19. Andre ferreira

    Remasterização incrível, ficou magnifico , parabéns SQUARE ENIX

    So não esqueça do Brasil, e coloquem legendas em Português também.

  20. KATintheBLACK

    So…is it in English. I actually kinda wanna buy it but don't know a lot of Japanese

  21. Jim jam

    I… think i have just been sold on buying a ps4.. I always wanted to try agito even before it became type 0 and now this lovely remake is finally within grasp!

  22. Leshain

    The upgrade is noted and obvious. However, I feel, graphically its much closer to a high end PS3 exclusive rather than a true next gen title. It looks like it could even be rendered on the PS Vita with some drawbacks but possible with proper adjustments.

    Whatever, you don't need to convince me, already have it pre-ordered for the FFXV Demo mainly, but I like the overall concept of type-0 HD. Its what I wanted rwby to be but that failed because of the strong female character bias and toxic presence, just like GW2. This will put those other two to shame, its about damn time.

  23. Negro Ketchum

    Cannot wait to get this game

  24. Jeremiah Watson

    I don't care if it's in HD. They cut Co-Op out of this game. This would have been one of the few FF games that has multiplayer. (not counting MMO's)

  25. Jason Lee

    This looks damn good. Love the art style. Something about games like this with static backgrounds look really good to me. Those previews for Persona 5 are another good example. 

  26. Clavitz Rain

    and I thought KH BBS HD looked great. Man now I'm hoping for a Crisis Core HD port.

  27. Scythe Arashi

    I love hearing the word "port" on games like these. They have to legitimately be 'remade' since you can't really port games from a PSP to a PS4 without remaking it from the ground up. Which…isn't really a port.

  28. Andrew Young

    If Square thought they'd make a profit releasing on the PS3, they'd do it. However, this is nothing new though. The phasing out of last gen was just the same. I think this year will be the last time we'll see any of the major games launching on last gen systems and I doubt we'll even see CoD on the PS3/360 this year. End of an era and it's been a good one. But it's time to move on.

  29. nepht1979

    Pre-ordered the moment I seen the Scorpion Tank back 😀

    There better not be a self destruct countdown after I kill it though U_U"

  30. Sean B

    why do all the characters look homo?

  31. Anny Meyer

    ps4 version is amazing 😀

  32. ElHinchaDelDRAGON

    Graphics mean nothing to me. For example, I have no problem enjoying Final Fantasy 7 for the PS1 even today. and that game looks awful. all square and pixelated and shit. But if I like the characters in any way and the story is good, then I'll be studying every aspect of that video game, exploring every corner of the world, revealing all secrets, etc.

    I honestly think that all Final Fantasy games are good enough (especially when they are not compared with one another) but not all them gets my full attention. Titles like "crystal chronicles" or "tactics" are just not for me. And I thought FF Type-0 was gonna be the same kinda game. I was so wrong.

    It can be said that FF type-0 came to me, even though, I kept avoiding it all this time.
    I found myself learning about the effort some fans made to translate the PSP version. Then I came to know that there is 14 playable character to choose almost from the very beginning !!! That alone was enough for me to give it a chance.

    I always say that the story is the best part of any FF game, but I'm just starting playing Type-0 now and I have no idea what dafaq is going on……. and I don't even care. xD
    It seems to be that the story has to be put toghether by the player, and I'm enjoying that. I'm spending most of the time in the library reading shit, doing side quests, talking to all kinds of people. I'm doing everything but the main missions. xD
    I'm enjoying every aspect of this Final Fanasy title. At times, I even feel as if this video game was "talking" to me….
    It definitely has magic….

    To hell with all the other games !!!!! xD my whole focus is in Type-0 right now. I just regret for not giving it a chance when I first knew it existed.

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