Final Fantasy Type-0 Active Twitter Battle

  1. Eviane


  2. Gregory Hickman

    What the fuck is this bull shit

  3. ChronoTwist


  4. Sr DeSilva

    i would get this on the pc… maybe.. but fuck that. 

  5. Amauri E. Alcántara


  6. qwertyMrJINX

    That'd be neat, if I could win a new PS4.

    Squenix, you and me should be best buds, so we can make games together. I think it'd be fun.

  7. Jomaru Joestar

    Yawn sounds Interesting but stupid…twitter battle? Lol don't have time for that maybe some kid.

  8. Raptim

    I only play for ps4

  9. BalaGames

    And the VITA version? Dont be a big enterprise with little yes, think in gamers, focus on vita too.
    The 3ds has enough attention, do some briliant things for VITA too!

  10. Scott Kovacs

    * Site:
    * Follow @finalfantasy on Twitter
    * Tweet like #ace uses #blizzard on #”opponent”   with tweets set to public
    * Maybe win stuff.

  11. 10001000101

    $60 for a late port.

  12. U NO HOO

    Not interested, can't wait to play the game though

  13. BrawlEmAll - GYM MIX MUSIC

    Y'all realize we want the game for the FFXV demo and not Type-0, right?

  14. iIllusionStudios

    Why does this seem so cool and stupid at the same time?

  15. sniperkitty 1400xx


  16. jonnyfendi2003

    Twitter battle??? The real battle is getting this on the Vita. Damn.

  17. Dragonic159

    Just an excuse to get people to tweet a million times for SE. Each tweet does randomly 1-5 dmg to the "enemy" which has thousands of hp

  18. Thomas Fequiere

    Considering what greedy corportate giants they are and how 10 million $200+ devices sold isnt enough apparently, I'm surprised vita has been getting as much updates as it has so i cant complain except it would be nice to have this too. 

  19. Darklurkr

    Guys you reeeeaaaallly should've limited it to 3 tweets per day per character.  This is going to be insane.

  20. Luiz AMN

    So pretty much spam your Twitter with Final Fantasy and Amazon twitts. No, thank you.

  21. Steven Christian

    Not gonna spam my twitter. One tweet maybe but that's my limit.

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