Final Fantasy IX – Launch Trailer | PS4

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The FINAL FANTASY® IX Digital Edition includes an original custom theme designed by Toshiyuki Itahana and eight key character avatars.

At last, the hugely popular FINAL FANTASY® IX arrives on the PlayStation®4 system with additional features: trophies, game boosters (such as high speed and no encounter modes), autosave and high-definition!

The Tantalus Theatre Troupe visits the Kingdom of Alexandria to help celebrate Princess Garnet’s birthday. However, the troupe is actually a group of thieves and their real intension is to kidnap the princess! Meanwhile, a young black mage called Vivi arrives to watch their performance but is at a loss when he realizes that he only has a forged ticket…

In a picture book-like world of fantasy, Zidane the thief, Princess Garnet and Vivi get tangled up in an emotional and magnificent crystal adventure!


  1. Daiyaan Slamang

    They better not remaster ff6 and ff8. Those two deserve Remakes, as in next gen graphics.

  2. Teatempest

    Last of its franchise to carry everything I loved about Final Fantasy in one big package!
    I did like the newer ones, but they just dont have the same character, charm, and little details the old ones had… Excalibur run anyone?!

  3. PrettyYuna

    why wouldn't they remaster this game? If they did FFX they should do this one!

  4. Eric Hernandez

    I'd rather have 8, but this is fine as well.

  5. OliRock92

    The only Playstation Final Fantasy that actually feels like Final Fantasy

  6. cosmosofinfinity

    You skipped 8! But this is an amazing surprise!!!!!

  7. Tit Maus


  8. dagga19k

    The best game ever imho! 🙂

  9. MarluxiaVI

    Hoping FF8, Chrono Cross, and Legend of Dragoon also get this treatment

  10. senzey ramen

    para eso compre mi ps4, para jugar juegos de ps1 con graficos de ps2 y un precio de juegos de ps3

  11. Rocca Johnson

    Yes it's good and all but where is 8?

  12. AJReexy

    Release Final Fantasy 8 and i will trow money to my PS4

  13. IDontKnowWhatToWrite

    The FF that I have played 3 times…

  14. Orange Knight

    Thought this was about a remake T_T the graphics look pretty much the same as the PC version.

  15. Jorge Mario Mendez Jimenez

    Tengo una pregunta, si compro este juego digital, los subtítulos del FF IX me salen en español, teniendo la cuenta en USA?

  16. Cresce

    Now for Freya Crescent in higher res! <3

  17. Rio Kasha

    never played FF9 but i lokey thought this was an online game like FF11 and FF14

  18. Kenneth Jay Cramblit

    It has a bug where the background music restarts after every battle, it has only 8 direction controls from the iOS version, instead of Omni-directional. also the battle UI from the iOS version covers like half the screen. It's a deal breaker. These need to be patched.

  19. Theroux

    Not buying. Skipping 8 is a crime against humanity.

    They must be planning a big remaster for it instead, so at least there is that.

  20. Squall

    the best game ever! I hope the remake,

  21. AkiraJP D-N-A

    i love so much dis game, is my childhood and the 8, and i fall inlove dagger and eiko

  22. ankica lokva

    best game ever

  23. Little Lady

    Thank you for this wonderfull remaster square enix, now just give us a FFVIII remaster as well, or even a remake if you could.

  24. Vichardt

    They couldve make a remaster instead…
    But still…..nostalgia is real

  25. Tenchigo

    This did not age well…

  26. Jessica

    my gawd music so nostalgic

  27. John Ishmael

    This game will forever stay in gamers hearts. Even for an oldie, this game always makes me want to come back to it. Forget those anxty teenage boys. Adventure and cheesy romance plus a great sense of Justice back then was the way to go. It's these kinds of games that thought me to be respectful and enjoy the little things in life…

  28. Kensama zeez

    You know… I almost got over the pain caused by Vivi's backstory… And then i see this. F you Squenix!


  29. Ayana

    This Final Fantasy is so underrated

  30. Clarissa Chavira

    Ok cool. Now do Final Fantasy VIII. Please. I’ll pay all the monies for it.

  31. Cassidy Jay Williams

    0:11 Garnet is so cute.

  32. Cristobal Urbina

    ♥ :'(

  33. DaSHalpha

    garbage port

  34. Divino Youtube

    This FF its… My Heart

  35. Santo

    No backdrop HD … We are in 2019 !!! And french translation still horrible … But ff12 is marvelously well remastered.

  36. abe mand

    The person you play is so ugly
    This just ruin the game

  37. Pikachu with a Keyblade

    I love the music

  38. Momento Mental

    The song isn't on Apple Music 🙁

  39. Mark Ups


  40. Marah Joy

    I miss Zidane and Princess Garnet ?

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