Final Fantasy Explorers – Multiplayer

It’s dangerous to go alone, take this advice: gather your friends and explore together!

Form a party using local or wi-fi multiplayer on your Nintendo 3DS, and team up to beat down the bosses!

Tank, Damage, Healer, Buffer – choose your role from over 20 Final Fantasy job classes. Will you fight with a balanced party, or experiment with unorthodox strategies?




  1. Etherwinter

    Samurai gameplay, where?

  2. Kelvin Kegel

    The part they put cloud was when i paused the video…. REALLY SE? Sigh… You guys are hopeless. Bye.

  3. Dulldozer Cannon

    PC please.

  4. Wegetzu

    I want this for wiiu

  5. Iván Chavarre

    Can your characters turn into anyone regardless their gender or are they limited? I mean, it sounds far more interesting if you can be Yuna or Squall with the same character.

  6. Fire Thief

    Looks great! Glad it's not local co-op only. Also, I look forward to the single player..

  7. Temjin747J

    Must Find 3ds!!!

  8. KeybladeMasterAndy

    This looks pretty good.

    And ? at all the port beggars. I mean seriously

  9. Christopher Rose

    Dear Square Enix,
    I wanted to write a little letter to show you how appreciative i was of the 2 surprise boxes i ordered from you, the steam keys i tried using on the games… well go figure they were invalid. Thank you! The 3 customer support requests i put in went unanswered. Thank you! And even though i ordered 2 boxes and paid for 2 boxes, you gave me one and charged me double. Thank you! And to my credit card company capital one who will be doing a chargeback on the whole thing. Well no one likes them. So yah, I'll be pirating your games till you can actually, you know…. actually sell them correctly online. So get bent and up yours.

  10. Rori Gallagher

    this looks sooo fun!

  11. insaner2play

    I'm going to be broke in the next three months, and it's all going to my 3DS. T_T

  12. hfyhft ghft

    Can you only play with friends online or anyone

  13. MirrorFox

    I'm going to be a Bard all the way so if anyone is looking for a support player I'm free ^^.

  14. Rolando Guerra

    hope they will have multiple bosses battles. fighting one at a time may get boring.

  15. Boseph Bostar

    Will there be a demo coming out soon for the US?

  16. Alisson André

    Red Mage???

  17. That Guy Called Noctis

    so this game isnt turn based right?

  18. Deadlyness13

    Can't wait for this I'm choosing monk as my main.

  19. Toran Dulaney

    So is this suppose to be kinda like monster hunter.

  20. BeanerRegiment

    Is this going to be on the eshop?

  21. ShinR3A07

    Hope i will get this by the time of Lunar New Year holiday 😀

  22. SonicLionHart

    I'm definitely going with either black or white mage. (›´ω`‹ )

  23. Pikastation

    I can't wait to get this game

  24. Salty

    Anyone know if there's voice chat?

  25. FabsenVomDach

    Can somebody tell me if i need friends in my friendlist to play online or will there be something like a "dungeonbrowser" or "random group finder"?

  26. Solibrae

    Ah, I see Gilgamesh! I hope he's voiced, like in Dissidia 012 and FFXII.

  27. allen cool

    Hey square enix can yall make a kingdom hearts dlc

  28. allen cool

    For this game

  29. Girtalir

    Goddamnit, we need a demo to whet our appetite over the next 14 days!

  30. Miles Coleman

    the jobs seem to be a bit on the meager side… only 4?

  31. Vorpal Blade

    Only 4 classes and no moogles?…meh

  32. JordyShow

    @Miles Coleman there's over 20

  33. Mike Evans

    For someone like me who plays Monster Hunter A LOT and loves Final Fantasy, this is a dream come true.

  34. Arc. Fox

    can the white mage only heal or can it do some offensive stuff too?

  35. toot

    I like the Zelda reference in the description

  36. toot

    Im not a fan of FF but this looks like Monster Hunter so im interested lol

  37. TheOneOwner

    But will it be possible to play with random people or can you only play with friends?

  38. Nocturnal GameCast

    here's hoping the ninja & samurai classes are like their FFXI counterparts. I want Utsusemi & weapon skills!!!

  39. nick

    game is a lot of fun
    monk real stronk

  40. Helios god

    i am a huge MH fan played almost all games and this is a great example of a rival holy shit i am hyped for this game!!!

  41. Helios god

    i wonder if the story is online too that would be great who agrees

  42. Nalacha

    anyone able to answer this… do you need one game to play with other ppl locally? like other games or you need your own? i cant find this info anywhere…

  43. Regal Johnston

    Game is buggy, the video wont play.

  44. A in a Dupuis

    This looks sick ass fuck ?

  45. Miia H.

    I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy, the storylines are really cool and the artwork of its characters is beautiful….but….i've really hated the gameplay up until now. This looks really fun and like I might have more freedom, from what I've seen, I think you can develop your own character however you want. If so, then I'd be a really happy fan.

  46. Shaquan Ingham

    Can an axe be used?

  47. historicalbob123

    I've been bored with the game lately, so I'm offering help to anyone who needs it. I'm level 221, best armor, Genesis set, best sword, Ragnarok dual weilded with inflict death stats on them, and Paladin for the job. I'm capable of any quest, and have mastered every class, though i'm better with sword or katana weilding classes.

  48. Tzͨuͪyͦuͧ

    why dont they just port this game to MMORPG ? im sure it will be a great mmorpg

  49. Josephysics

    Im getting this game

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