The world is on the brink of war over greatest source of power in the world—the Grand Crystal. Players must band together to form an elite squad of Explorers, who venture out to collect pieces of the Grand Crystal to provide energy for the planet while fighting off hordes of monsters.

FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS focuses on cooperative play with friends and utilizes a refined party system allowing Explorers to master over 20 new and familiar jobs—including the Knight, Monk, Black Mage and White Mage—to defeat the realm’s mightiest monsters and even recruit them for battle. Players will have the ability to call upon the powers of eidolons like Ifrit and Bahamut, as well as transform into other legendary characters from the FINAL FANTASY series via the Trance feature. Multiplayer functionality is enabled through the Nintendo 3DS’s wireless communication functions.

FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS will be available on January 26th, 2016 (NA) and 29th January 2016 (EU) for Nintendo 3DS.

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  1. Andres Sacapuntas

    God this looks so much like Phantasy Star Online I can't wait for it

  2. MegamanElric16

    Ow, my wallet hurts.

  3. Aegix Drakan

    I'm getting serious Phantasy Star Online VS Monster Hunter vibes from this (with more customization).

    I'm very much looking forward to it.

    The only thing that irks me is the "train monsters to help you when you play solo" thing. I would have preferred to recruit/train other human characters instead.

  4. ryangames9000

    If this is only for the new 3ds xl imma be so pissed

  5. El ocio de ZoruaSEba


  6. HoldMyBeer

    …. When will this multiplayer-bullshit finally end?
    On a console or PC it is okay, but that shitty nintendo 3DS-Gaming-Hub-Thingy (don't even know the name) is just trash …

  7. San San

    I'll prob get this over monster hunter 4

  8. Vinícius Alves

    Looks good Square, and is even going to be released on my 21st anniversary, how about that? But what is it anyway? MMORPG?

  9. Sanyex

    is.. is that a FINAL FANTASY MONSTER HUNTER?? throws money at the screen

  10. JaceMD015

    Yeah a lot of gay old nerds loves cloud and hates lightning.

  11. Rogers Cat

    Ahhhhh…..just like the old pc final fantasy =) i´m happy now

  12. Gryphongamer (Formerly Gryphonisawesome and Wizard101isawsome)

    This looks so badass. 😀

  13. Shoo hoo

    I REALLY enjoy monster hunter

    so please let me enjoy this square pls

  14. Jordan LaBella

    This better not be friends only. And if it is, I don't know what they were thinking. So, let's make a multiplayer game, but limit it with friends only! Sounds GREAT. I hope I'm wrong on this, I really hope so. And I'm not really interested in playing alone. Games like this are meant for multiplayer, and it just won't be as fun playing solo.

    So, just in case it is friends only? Want to be friends? Most people registered don't like games like this, unfortunately

  15. uhducks

    why does everyone hate lightning?!?!?

  16. Concondromon

    ladies and gentlemen i present you monster final fantasy explorer hunter lol

  17. Edward Stark

    MMMM You can also play it for free on steam. Dragomon Hunter.

  18. PuToTyra97

    Final Monster Hunter Fantasy. Bring FF Tactics back

  19. Belmont

    The showed lightening to market towards the newcomers who came in during 13. derp. It's like how Cloud was everything we knew from 97-07

  20. ELepiphone

    No wonder the PS Vita died.

  21. Kuroi Michaelis

    I've always wanted to buy a game like this with FF characters…now that I saw lightning I'll definetly buy it!!! <3

  22. TheSuperSaturos

    Why so much hate on Lightning?

  23. Graavigala85

    "Transform into your favourite characters" and you star by showing Lightning? You know what SqeEnix… Fuck you

  24. Azure Tiger

    Favorite character? I'm partial to dragoons and red mages. Freya, Kain, Kimari, FFVII Cid, etc. Any chance of those?

  25. Yeng Yang

    Looks just like monster hunter.

  26. Alastor

    WTF is this shit.

  27. Hermaeus Mora

    Tempting, but this one might have to wait until after Twilight Princess HD comes out for me. Though it does look good, and seems to have the feel and appearance of the older Final Fantasy games, which I like. It also seems to be mostly high fantasy, which I also like. I'll definitely be getting this at some point.

  28. Joseph Ballesteros

    "Transform into your favorite Final Fantasy Characters"
    Like Cecil Harvey, Rydia, or Terra Branford? =D
    (Lightning, Cloud, Squall)

  29. Arctic Howler

    Wait a second… so it's chibi Final Fantasy combined with Dragon Warrior and played more free form than 12?

  30. Dr. Pheel


  31. HN111

    pretty dissapointed game… i recently playe FF crystal chronicals on GC version… that shiit was way more better than this! cnt belive i missed it

  32. Snail Man

    >immediately shows Lightning

    surely this is b8

  33. lucio banaga

    Wow they really showed the most basic final fantasy main characters where is Zidane Bartz terra etc

  34. Bas Waaijer

    I'm really curious as to what people think about buying this? If you already own this, please tell me your opinion about the game and how much you enjoy it, and why.

    For me, not having played this and just having watched this trailer, it looks like they tried to produce one of those free MMORPG's on a 3DS. It being on a handheld must have big limitations on gameplay. Things I've heard thus far are: Smooth gameplay, no story and MH4U-to-FF copy. Is this true? From watching this trailer it kind of feels like you skip the experiencing of a world and skip straight to the fights. From the trailer and other video's it doesn't really seem the players have any troubles beating those bosses. What do you guys think/experience?

  35. Far-No

    Is Cecil Harvey in this? He is my favourite 🙂

    Also Lighting is literally no-ones favourite.

  36. Yeah Yeah

    I cant get a decent skill and eqp's

  37. Abnormal Theorists

    Fun game, a little upset it isn't in RPG format.

  38. darkHevn


  39. Andrew Starshine

    I actually like Lightning! Surprised people don't like her. She's the female Cloud(which I like) and starts off quite cold-hearted but becomes a well-rounded complex character later on. I really really like her in FF.

  40. Edelgard Bad Dimitri Good

    Shiva's lokking T H I C C, those panties tho

  41. Michell Cruz


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