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FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS II brings a new legend to the world of FINAL FANTASY – Available today for iOS and Android devices!

A new adventure that transcends time and space…
Our hero Morrow and heroine Aemo travel through the present, past, and future and gain allies along the way on their great quest to save the world.

Equip and fight with crystals known as signet stones to acquire new abilities for your characters.
Many of these signet stones possess the powers of the Eidolons, summoned beasts from throughout the history of the FF series!

Supported Systems:
iOS 7.0 and above
Android OS 4.0 and above


  1. ImperialMarc17

    Oh look! It’s Granblue Fantasy! …Waitaminute!

  2. Koteshima :

    why is it always just in America or in Japan first…? I really want this game ffs

  3. TallulahSoie

    Mobile? Nope

  4. EDEN FILMS - Anime/Games Cosplay Live Action

    Seems to be nice. But I'd rather wanna play it on consoles.

  5. Zane Oneiros

    At first I was SO STOKED to see the name… after watching the trailer however, I find the generic anime music and some of the characters kind of annoying. Poor marketing, and it really doesn't capture a cinematic sense of epic adventure that the series is known. Although I loved seeing the time travel inspiration from Chrono Trigger, the combat looks like a departure from traditional FF games. Too much pandering to newcomers, IMO. But I'll withhold judgement until I see more gameplay.

  6. Zane Oneiros

    Did some research, guys. It's basically another FF Brave Exvius with MMO/gatcha trimmings. (Gems, summon tickets to get units from other FF games, sequential battles etc.) Unoriginal, designed for profit and a pitiful waste of resources! I wanted to be excited for this, but Final Fantasy Dimensions I is so much better. Verdict: Pass.

  7. Carlos de Quero

    The characters design is generic and ugly. They could be characters of any other Android RPG game. You know, those kind of games that say: AMAZING DRAGONS, AMAZING EVOLUTIONS, LEVEL UP!!

  8. onemindonespirit

    Looks horrible.

  9. So Zetta Slow

    Sprite Work and Visuals look better, shame that the interface still looks like utter rubbish.

  10. jose beyond

    They should make this game for PS4

  11. Carolina Moya

    Its sad that that nice concept art is put to use in this crappy looking game.

  12. Blue Wizard

    Looks like a budget game

  13. MrClawt

    Seems like this should be on the Switch.

  14. 9BeastKing

    are you fucking serious?!!!!!!!!! this game was called final fantasy the space-time crystal and was an f2p game in japan. ive been waiting on it to come out here. then you pull shit shit? you turned a f2p game into a sequel of a game it had nothing to do with? so fucking stupid i hope no one buys this, give us the jp game and stop rehashing it as a "sequel" to dimensions!


    Looks like shit Square. Wish yall cared about what you released… everything before ff10-2 was pure gold

  16. Big Desu


  17. Big Desu

    Look at these Final Fantasy fan wannabes thinking they shit. Lol fk off haters the game is great

  18. FantasyNero

    A 2D are you serious Square Enix?
    We need 3D graphics with story slimier to FFIX or FFX

  19. Jomaru Joestar



    Oh hey its spyro– oh wait…

  21. lostn65

    is it freemium?

  22. çaytagram

    Cm 18?

  23. çaytagram

    Cm 18

  24. çaytagram

    Cm 18?

  25. çaytagram

    Cm 18?

  26. çaytagram

    Cm 18?

  27. Titus McCarthy

    Crappy animation and graphics. Won't buy this shit.

  28. Bloody Persistent

    I’d rather they have just ported the first Dimensions to PC and console instead of putting out this garbage.

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