FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS x Tomb Raider: Lara Croft Arrives

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As a celebration of the upcoming motion picture release of TOMB RAIDER (in theaters on March 16), Square Enix has brought iconic treasure hunter to the hit free-to-play RPG FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS for a limited time starting March 9.

FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is the most downloaded FINAL FANTASY mobile game in the world.
FFBE a brand new FINAL FANTASY game available for smartphones is OUT NOW on App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore and ONE store. Begin your adventure today! –

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  1. Just Me


  2. SZacipa

    Please, lara croft in Opera Omnia 😀

  3. Skaterr

    I want Noctis on opera omnia

  4. Raylight

    Brave Exvius is soo mehh… Forget about it and work more on mobius FF, it's graphics can be better, upgraded (at least the steam version), and it's card effects CAN BE WAAAY BETTER FOR REAL, because the ones it has now as very simple and terribly repetitive

  5. Ghaleonc

    Seems almost the same atk animation as Ameilia.

  6. Akiin Moonlight

    OMG SO EPIC!!!

  7. Zane Oneiros

    Screw these crossovers nobody asked for. Nothing is original anymore. Final Fantasy is dead.

  8. O Blade

    First Ariana now Lara. Thank you Square Enix. Now add some Queen's Blade and Danganronpa characters

  9. drsw36

    This make sense to me since Lara is part of the SE family.

  10. Bre Fujimoto


  11. CJ Moore

    So only NOW does Square realize "Oh yeah! We own the rights to one of the biggest and most influential female stars in all of gaming! We should do more crossover stuff with her!"

  12. Chiji

    Square, cut the bs and go redeem yourself for that Chrono Trigger fiasco

  13. Saberthegamer16

    Smirks What the fuck is wrong with you SE get your shit together

  14. Hyou Vizer

    might as well add her to dissidia too while you're at it

  15. Akiin Moonlight

    SOME people should just get over themselves ._.
    this is a really Cool Crossover that even makes sense because Tomb Raider is a part of Square Enix

    And its just a mobile game AND not ff15 (even if many are hating the crossovers there… i think every Single Crossover is totally cool because it shows how STRONG SE is yk? 🙂

  16. ErihanBlank

    I'd like to see Brandt and the others from 4 heroes of light, and since square bought and ruined the franchise I'd like to see the lufia cast

  17. kingdomkeycrafter

    Square I'm being serious… WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!

  18. Peko Narukami

    i need aya brea!!!!

  19. AcerbusTheDark

    But why though.

  20. Larxene howar

    Fingers cross is square does a crossover with dissida opera omnia x nier automata

  21. Jota Random

    Now just do a FFRK × FFBE and we are set

  22. Millian Farehart


  23. Nekko Blue

    With the powers of Ariana Grande and Lara Croft combined, they’re unstoppable in Final Fantasy Land!

  24. karnovrpg

    That 2D sprite is pretty damned awesome.

  25. ZeroL

    With the old look….
    So you know that the reboot has disgustet the old fun huh?

  26. Hollis Briggs

    a lot of complaining she's free and the units you can summon are great with good tmrs

  27. GlitterOutlaw

    im guess the new lara will come down the line simlar to airanas diff versions

  28. 徐文俊

    Free means she wont be strong, like those Arianas, Kelsus etc

  29. Kazuma1982

    You release Secret of Mana again but don't bring back the Mana event for Brave Exvius to celebrate? Come on SE!

  30. Ameer

    Would be cool for a Star Ocean FFBE crossover. I want Fayt to Etheral Blast somebody.

  31. Flegan777

    Great. Now just add Gex and Lufia since Square Enix owns those properties too, and we'll call it even. XD

  32. Angel of Prey

    Is that horrible doodle supposed to be Lara?

  33. TrueBlueMajikDewd

    I wish they would add Doppelganger.

  34. Eric Campbell

    Anyone know the name of the song that starts at 0:18? II can't find it and it's driving me nuts.

  35. eaco wind

    so yay the real tomb raider not the shitty movie one they just brought out

  36. crazylastofus fan

    Now this is making me fall in love with final fantasy it has ariana grande and lara croft on it now my two favorite people?

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