FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Trailer for Pre-Registration

Players Can Embark on a New Adventure with FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS this Summer.
Starting today, players can pre-register online at to receive special in-game items at launch.

FINAL FANTASY® BRAVE EXVIUS®, a brand-new FINAL FANTASY experience, will launch for free (with in-app purchases) on iOS and Android devices this summer. The hit title has already drawn in more than six million players in Japan and is an entirely new role-playing adventure for the mobile generation. The title brings the classic FINAL FANTASY lore with legendary heroes from the franchise.



  1. Michael Blue

    Anyone else felt that the opening was kind of cliche and cheesy?

  2. Francis Santiago

    Oh why is this online damn ,graphic is so old school it shouldn't be online

  3. HJ Chua

    Fina looks cute.

  4. Asuna&Madoka aura kingdom

    paresida phyrra soul calibur5 y el chico del final fantasy type zero el rubesito

  5. Evan Novak

    whoa Balmunk Fezalion and Isaac Schneider, they are real!!

  6. Timotius Dana

    so its gonna looks like Brave Frontier right?

  7. Rick Seto

    lol valkyrie profile UI

  8. Ben Randall

    Can you make more mobile games that focus on their own stories and don't have to resort to bringing in characters from the old games in an attempt to kindle nostalgia and bring back your old fanbase that has moved on? Thanks

  9. Vagrancy

    Dafuq is this shit?

  10. Kei Zhang

    The battle screen looks just like Brave Frontier and this is Brave Exvius… Very Original Square Enix…

  11. Tactics4Christ _

    Watches first 57 seconds. Wants this game to be the replacement for 15 cus of the characters and visuals. Sees gameplay. Regrets previous statement.

  12. aikouka

    All the heroes in a battle reminds me a bit too much of Square's much loathed mobile game, Final Fantasy: All the Bravest.

  13. Lv1Lion

    idc about this! wheres Grandmasters and Valkyrie!?

  14. Matthew Bane

    my only question is will it be free to download after it finally comes out. I don't want to pre register and then have to spend like twenty dollars on a tablet game.

  15. Tatag Prawiro

    Is this brave frontier? Oh…. It's brave exvius…
    Nice one Alim making a colab with SE

  16. Artenuga

    I saw the thumbnail and thought Zero was in this but nope just a girl who looks like her with the flower not in her eye

  17. Fatimah Jalud

    God that announcer..he sounded like someone from the home shopping channel.

    He could present the most beautiful game created and I'd probably be annoyed by it just for hearing his voice as I watch the video.

  18. Mark Pan

    why are the newer final fantasy have such bad execution as a game?

  19. AcotoTheTraveler

    Heroes and crystals and light and dark, are they even trying anymore as far as story presentation goes?

  20. Austin Donnelly

    I would've been happy to play this if it wasn't a mobile game. Anything that isn't the most recent phone or tablet heats up way too quickly with newer mobile games if it can even play them in the first place. And if it does work it's often laggy, slow, and frequently freezes. Not worth it in my opinion. While I prefer modern graphics I don't mind the old-school stuff, but I would've liked it it were available on the Vita or PC, both of which could handle the game far better than most mobile phones.

  21. Pariahwulfen

    All flash, no substance, we're never going to see a proper FF game again, are we?

  22. qawsx56

    Rpg maker????

  23. Vicky Sieto

    i dont use the main character 😀

  24. JM G

    So Rain is basically Cloud and Lasswell, Sephiroth?

  25. Julian Frazier

    wtf, what year is it….

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