Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Out Now!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, a brand new Final Fantasy game available for smartphones is OUT NOW on iOS and Android. Begin your adventure today! –

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has already drawn in more than six million players in Japan and is an entirely new role-playing adventure in the Final Fantasy franchise for mobile devices.

Follow the story of Rain, Lasswell and Fina and join forces with legendary Final Fantasy characters to defeat foes in an original Final Fantasy adventure.


  1. Simone Fiumicini

    ok but …
    where's FFVI

  2. Richie Alarcón

    What is it with Square enix and crystals??? MOVE ON ALREADY

  3. Allan Tober

    It looked really cool up until 1:13 when I started seeing it was just another fan service game.

  4. boaw

    controls sucks..

  5. Raniie Lee

    Oh this is actually cool. I've always wanted Square Enix to do a proper Final Fantasy Theme Brave Frontier game. However, now I would preferred if they do the Final Fantasy theme base on Dragon Blaze instead. Please look into it #SquareEnixNA

  6. Omar Garibay


  7. hhsquall

    Release it for Vita at least, a proper hand-held gaming console… This is sad!

  8. Ash Green

    How can one listen to that narrator's voice and not audibly LOL

    Seriously that's the voice of a man who tries to give a fuck but clearly doesn't

  9. Danilo M. M. Mancini

    loving this game so far!

  10. Marcos Nicolas Amoroso

    Amazing game so far, the graphics, the music, the gameplay, its al good! also all your favorite FF characters!

  11. lokasocba

    Is this kind of a new Record Keeper?

  12. beaR

    battle scenes look exactly like Brave Frontier…

  13. eXoz

    better than Record Keeper by a bit since you don't have to watch the loading screen everytime you tried to click something in that game

  14. Joe Alves


  15. Teja Panji


  16. PersistentNitrogen

    Jeez was that narrated by a televangelist?

  17. The Botch Guy


  18. sableng404

    Much like Brave Frontier, but it lacks High Quality character sprite for gallery.

    This game seems like created with lesser effort than Brave Frontier.

  19. Pedro Gomes

    que jogão este vou conquistar tudo Parabéns a Square Enix por mais esta Obra prima continuem a sim vão longe vou jogar todas as sagas que apanhar disto espero que no próximo que sair melhorem os Gráficos ainda mais obrigado por esta grande jogo que tem o som do final fantasy 7

  20. Suban Vang

    love this game so far. 🙂

  21. Sadic Sensei

    Hope thete will be a 3D game someday.. it would really be awesome!

  22. Rapid Fire

    AWESOME and my Nigga Vaan it's there but Bartz no?

    🙁 Q_Q

  23. Shadow Games

    I am thoroughly enjoying the game, definitely a lot more than record keeper (which I liked for a few months). I wish the energy recovered faster but then I wouldnt put the game down. Its nice to be able to actually move around and explore areas too, tons of characters and possibilities

  24. Athrum

    eXVIus?! FFXVI??

  25. Angela Tais Freire


  26. squall leonhart

    quando lo fate anche per gli italiani?

  27. RpgBlaster

    WTF where is the 3D

  28. pablo sanchez

    FTP right?, is it a cash cow ?

  29. pablo sanchez

    FTP right?, is it a cash cow ?

  30. Lord Cthulhu

    fakkuking burushitto

  31. Clint Bainter

    I want to play this but not on my smart phone. I need to be able to use a real controller or keyboard.

  32. Lightning Max

    eu tô amando esse jogo

  33. Moon Love

    El mejor juego de la historia si señor, y en app esta genial, entretenido y haciéndonos recordar los tempo desde principios de la saga. Gracias por ser tan grandes a todos los que colaboran, ayudan, crean, trabajan para final fantasy. <3

  34. soldado hyliano

    Llevo unas cuantas semanas jugandolo y la verdad es que es bueno (yo no he gastado ni 1 peso) y esta bien,es buena jugada el poder jugar (con algo de suerte) con personajes de anteriores final fantasy. Aunque a mi me gustaria mas que le hicieran un port para steam,se que tendria criticas positivas y lo jugaria de mejor manera.

  35. ralahinn1

    I'm old school, ,I only use lanline. I do like side scroll adventures though. I hope you release it on hand helds and consoles.Not everyone goes for these too tough full graphic things that pass as games today. A lot of us have lives.

  36. Mike B

    They keep trying to find their next Cloud….
    First Lightning …now Rain…
    Just never going to happen

  37. Raijou Konishi

    Me Long Time Ago: (1 Year Or More): A 4 STAR!? NEAT!

    Me Now: Oh wow, a Cloud.

  38. IAm Predator

    Most beautiful female character in FF series…

    But it's in a mobile game

  39. Ichigo A Panchal

    well tried playing the facebook version and am on stage 350+ and my mouse filed a law suit against me

  40. ErollisiMarr

    "Are you the hero of light we seek", Said in a flat monotone voice.

    "No sorry", I replied as I looked vacantly through my dimly lit decaying apartment. I think I'll take a pass on this adventure.

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