FINAL FANTASY: A Challenger Once Again – GDC 2017

Director Hajime Tabata speaks about Final Fantasy XV at GDC 2017 from a developer’s standpoint. This video was shown when discussing what ‚Final Fantasy XV‘ set out to achieve, and the multi-faceted approach that was taken. It also covered what the development team has set their sights on moving forward.

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  1. TeuxfyGaming

    i wait the version PC !!!

  2. Shape Shifter

    the legitimate thought of this on pc gave me tears of joy

  3. Malachi Strain

    Squer Enix pleeaaaass make a final fantasy xv for the 3ds pleeaaas

  4. Malachi Strain

    I'm begging you pleaaass make final fantasy xv for the 3ds

  5. Malachi Strain

    talk to Nintendo about it pleas

  6. Malachi Strain

    I demand final fantasy for the 3ds pleas do a fan a favor

  7. Malachi Strain

    pleas make a final fantasy xv for the 3ds pleas

  8. The Hoodie Guy

    Ah, just like what Rockstar did to upgrade their RAGE and bring better GTA5 to PC.

  9. Zio

    square enix just stop teasing us and give us a ffxv pc port already

  10. mitrooper

    This is basically the original PC version.

  11. Valmorian

    "looks ahead to the future"
    Release game for console

    Really going into the future here guys xD

  12. Alexey Rodriguez

    Just watched the movie, bummed out that the continuation requires a console.

  13. Bernard Jazz

    What's with the ketty music?

  14. Bluekid

    daaaaaaamn that pc version though!!!!!!!!

  15. Regal Pixel King

    I refuse to give Square Enix a penny unless this comes to PC.

  16. Moises Corral

    I miss the days when the story and characters mattered more than the graphics.

  17. DarkPhoenix69

    Fascinating stuff.

  18. Fuahuahua Time

    Ok, now show me the tram working on the completed story!

    …Oh, that's right…

  19. PopeLope

    This video is literally the biggest PC cock tease, it's all but confirmed that it's coming to PC and clearly going to be the superior version

  20. Eurípedes Júnior

    Come to Nintendo Switch! Pleeeeeeaaaaseeee!!!

  21. Milo Carpenter

    Next updates for the game?

  22. kairu kun93

    you know what's more ironic is that, the games or pretty much all console games are designed or compiled using high end or workstation PC. It's amazing that they could come up with an excuse to keep these games as exclusive. That just shows how they turn a gamer into a corporate slave, in order to get the game, you buy the game that works with the specific console. Funny how they say console games port to PC are poorly optimized, which there are reason why it's not optimized, because of the machines API design along with the software. Good thing they started using x86 AMD APU on consoles so it's easier to work on and make ports to other platforms. But… if Microsoft XBOX Scorpio would have an x64 or 64bit CPU architecture along with the OS, it would be more optimized and flexible. One of the reasons why 32bit games sometimes performs poorly on 64bit CPU and Operating System!

  23. mishka Anime

    this game is better than GTA5 damn! i want PC verision of FF15


    The PC version exists…. the devs play it…

  25. dreamer boy

    Looking at these comments… why do gamers feel its okay to take games away from other gamers? I dont get it. you dont want someone else to enjoy the game just because its not on the platform you use? do you know how stupid that sounds?

  26. Rafael Vasco

    Man, all i can say as a game developer and a gfx programmer in general, what a dream it would be to make a game using this engine. Amazing.

  27. Sophia Poppy

    I think I'll need a new graphics card + TV to fully appreciate how pretty this is.

  28. Roberto Rico

    ASking for fantastic graphics and longer story is…. I don't know… Stupid? I mean, yeah, it would be great but the amount of time to do so would require YEARS for it… I would've prefered this game to have lower graphics and a lot more of story. Like FF used to be in the old good days, without needing to wait 3 to 5 years for every release… But that's just me.

  29. BigFreakingCacodemon

    What is 2:16? Is it a comparison between what the cat looks like on console releases vs the PC tech demo?

    Also that diffuse lighting on the spheres is incredible to look at.

  30. Jambers


  31. SpiceHammer

    Fucking hell, give us PC version already

  32. Leonhart

    Is there..
    00:54 got in actual game?

  33. ThePeppino

    song name ??

  34. Majora's PMIW

    Okay, what's the name of the song in this video? Because I'm having a hard time finding the song elsewhere on YouTube, and I don't think the great internet guru Google is helping me out much here.

  35. Aussa Kagamine

    xv is a decent game. the problem lies in its ultra boring combat system and how easy it is to beat everything.

  36. Stefan Jankovic


  37. Cyrus Walkoff

    Take my money!

  38. Stefan Jankovic

    What a AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Andy Howl


  40. Neither DoI

    I'm not gonna buy a console but damn I wish I could play this

  41. townnet

    1:50 The castle from Kingsglaive movie.

  42. Raul De Jesús

    Peeps. I know this is not related to this video but you guys should check this guy out:

  43. Zeldarulah

    This song really reminds me of the music from Beyond Good and Evil

  44. Titti Rihhi


  45. Chevlon MacGuin Studios

    What a engine

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