FINAL FANTASY 30TH ANNIVERSARY – Timeless Legacy Trailer

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Celebrate 30 years of FINAL FANTASY by sharing your most memorable FINAL FANTASY experience using the hashtag #FF30TH!

At the FINAL FANTASY® 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony, a new commemorative logo designed by Yoshitaka Amano was unveiled, featuring Chocobo!

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Hashtag: #FF30TH


  1. The Conducer

    And thus, their journey begins…

  2. SolarBlaze

    From 10 on I've lived during those final fantasies. It's crazy to know that

  3. Vincent Ly

    32 Years of Final Fantasy (1987-2019)

  4. David Mares Giner

    There are three or four class of gamers in Final Fantasy :
    1: the ones who started with classic Final Fantasy before they became famous
    2 The ones who started with FFVII-FFX
    3 The ones who started with GBA games
    4 The ones who are recent on the franchise

    Anyone here get known about this franchise thanks to GBA or DS games?

  5. David Mares Giner

    My top 5 of Final Fantasy :
    5 IV
    4 IX
    3 VII
    2 VIII
    1 V

    Final Fantasy between 4 and 9 were just God's creation

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