FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary A Legacy of Art: Toshiyuki Itahana Live Drawing

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  • FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary A Legacy of Art: Toshiyuki Itahana Live Drawing

One more day remains for the #FF30th Gallery Charity auction! Bid at to secure your favorite art piece from the gallery. All proceeds will be donated to GlobalGiving to aid those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Maria.


  1. Soren

    Such wonderful aesthetics

  2. spacetoast


  3. Naitsabes Yerref

    Beautiful! ~ <3

  4. Ashflow Ramza


  5. Weird Guy


  6. jonas clecio Pimentel

    Final Fantasy Xiv server in Brazil, please. Ping is very high. 🙁

  7. Just Me

    That’s amazing ^^ and may it continue to bring joy to people all around the world

  8. MikeeYo

    That music is my childhood.

  9. DEEFAYYDoesNintendo

    Its current bid is 800 USD, I would sell my soul to have this tbh LOL

  10. Strifey

    Woooowwwww! Beautiful!

  11. Kelvin Kegel

    Now do all the other Main FFs too

  12. Jordan Rettich

    Beautiful and relaxing!

  13. Joey Cruz

    Bit surprised they haven't done anything too crazy this year for final fantasy as part of the anniversary. the kh3 release year and ffxii hd were the only spectacular things from square this year

  14. Javier

    Too fucking expensive!! I am not rich man

  15. Con Wil Sim

    What kind of pencil is he using?

  16. J K

    Love FF9! Always wanted to be Zidane!

  17. tk silver

    Whish i was loaded lol

  18. Dado Dem

    ???? So beautiful… Final Fantasy seris are really some of the best treasures on earth…one day I shall draw like this…?

  19. xxnike629xx

    Final Fantasy IX is one of my favorite Final Fantasy games. I really liked the music. It's also amazing since it was the last FF game that originally came out for the PS1, and you can really see they were stretching the PS1's hardware to its max. I'm glad that Square-Enix remastered the game and released it on PS4 and Steam. Thank you.

  20. AnAsianbr0skii21

    ?? i want that ff9 drawing. Im poor though. Please someone buy for me.

  21. Jordan Carma

    That was amazing

  22. Sch. Video

    ove the art! and music, so nostalgic

  23. Mgtow Gamer

    This artwork
    Sold for 5 grand on the auction
    Didnt think id would go beyond 3 grand

  24. Ismael HDalyth


  25. John NoNameGibbon

    This dude is so underrated. He is the guy who inspire me to become an artist/illustrator to begin with. And I'm actually approaching him slowly in abilities, which is bizarre to me.

    Him and Shukou Murase did a crazy job on this game. Combined with Itahana's masterpiece of art direction, Crystal Chronicles. This song combined with him is too much.

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