FINAL FANTASY 30th ANNIVERSARY A Legacy of Art – Grand Opening Day Announcement

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More Details:

Coming from Japan is legendary artist: Toshiyuki Itahana

His representative works include FINAL FANTASY IX, FINAL FANTASY Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon, FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES, FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS. Recently, he was the character designer for the smartphone title MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY and also designed Devola and Popola for NieR: Automata on PlayStation 4 and PC.
Reserve your free ticket while supplies last!
*Ticket not required to visit the main exhibit on Grand Opening day.
**Ticket only required for signing session & live drawing
Signing Session Link:
Live Drawing Link:

Grand Opening Day Event:

When: Saturday December 2nd, Doors open to general attendees at 12:00PM

Gallery Nucleus
210 E. Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801


  1. Sancho Fight

    Best rpg in the world!!

  2. xxnike629xx

    But I was hoping for a PS4 release of FF1~ 6, 8, 13 trilogy, Tactics War If the Lions, and Crisis Core.

  3. Archie-san

    We want a 30th anniversary collection

  4. DSoulA3

    Who here thinks the 30th anniversary isn't like what we thought it would be?

  5. 19HajimeSaitou91


  6. Salman Hadıyev

    Where is FINAL FANTASY 16 announce?!
    Where is 7 Remake release date?!
    Why do I buy consoles every 5-6 years Square?! I NEED AAA FF GAMES NOT MERCHANDISE

  7. Luis martinez

    Up drop rate 4% ffbe gl

  8. Silver Ancient

    Damn I want that red mage poster

  9. rmunoz1994

    How about you show FF7 this year…

  10. AnAsianbr0skii21


  11. Corven

    All Final Fantasy for Nintendo Switch $$$$

  12. Parker Merrell

    cool so we get nothing for the 30th anniversary

  13. CloudertFinit

    Final fantasy 7 remake please

  14. Zale Unda

    Who's dumbass idea was this? 30th anniversary and it's just some event to sell you cheap crap at mark up prices. What a joke.

  15. Blessings of Babylon

    Of course you cunts dont ship and of the merchandise to Australia.

    Off to Ebay to scalp then.

  16. FudgemintGuardian

    I feel kinda silly making a critique on the video itself, but it would have been nice to have shown some art in the background, at least of Toshiyuki Itahana's when mentioning him. I know this is just a quick video, but the little things, ya know?

  17. Jordan Rettich

    Omg Final Fantasy IX art direction was my favourite in any game, and maybe any game or movie, would love to shake this man's hand.

  18. NoFaceCH

    So instead of giving us something like a collection release you give us this crap? Come on.

  19. ProdicalMan

    song name?

  20. Jonathan G

    Make FFXIV not sub based : (

  21. wolfflow

    Well, at least we're getting a Secret of Mana remake so it's not a total write off.

  22. Arv L

    If only. If only. If only they pay the Philippines a visit or a tour…

  23. Sch. Video

    :') my legend #FinalFantasy
    happy 30th anniversary!

  24. Ismael HDalyth

    I want to met Amano!!

  25. WeArePharmers


  26. 世界上最不安的人與淘汰的人性


  27. Huntress778

    Whyyyyyy does California get "everything" >:(
    Also i was expecting more/cuter merch for the anni….

  28. Christian Lopez

    U should see how they celebrated the dragon quest 30th anniversary, its obvious witch one they favor.

  29. Azure Flame

    The worst 30th anniversary ever.

  30. Aamra Kamran

    Final fantasy 7 remake news!!!!

  31. Alessandro Graziano

    Final fantasy 7 ps4 in italianooo please

  32. david luna

    Kingdom hearts ?

  33. Charles Brown

    We ask for games, they give us stupid pictures. Go home SE, you're drunk.

  34. Rynn21

    To the people complaining, the gallery held an auction of the artwork and it went to help with disaster relief. You aren't entitled to anything.

  35. ITS A BANE BLADE!!!!!!!!

    hmmm theme music from final fantasy 12

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