FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary: A Legacy of Art – Event Announcement

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More Details:

Since 1987, ART has been a cornerstone of FINAL FANTASY.
In that time, various artists have taken up the mantle to craft artwork that expresses a fantasy that is final.
Celebrating three decades of art, SQUARE ENIX invites you to an exhibition that showcases some of the timeless pieces from FINAL FANTASY’s past, present, and future.

December 2, 2017 – January 7, 2018

Gallery Nucleus
210 East Main St. Alhambra, California 91801

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  1. 166Anna

    Bring back the golden team for 30th anniversary. Hironobu Sakaguchi, Hiroyuki Ito, Yoshinori Kitase, Tetsuya Nomura, and Nobuo Uematsu.

  2. Bamx333

    This is so beautiful! I'm 30! Please come to Miami for the event!!!

  3. Son Goku

    RIP Square Enix for no remake FFVII

  4. Otaku_GameFan

    Is Hironobu coming back?

  5. N

    I love the art in FF but I had higher hopes for the 30th anniversary. I read somewhere that SE would release a collection of all the main games in the series in one box. It wasn't confirmed but still, it got me exited. We didn't even get proper Final Fantasy sale

  6. xxnike629xx

    Thank you very much!
    I want to see some more PS4 remasters of the other Final Fantasy games please.
    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy II
    Final Fantasy III
    Final Fantasy IV Complete
    Final Fantasy V
    Final Fantasy VI
    Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core
    Final Fantasy VIII
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Final Fantasy XIII-2
    Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns
    Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions

  7. AnAsianbr0skii21

    WHYY CALIFORNIA?!?!?! ???????

  8. Kaiju King 89

    Here's to the eventual 60th anniversary for Final Fantasy!!

  9. Alex Alex

    I would love a new 2D FF in the style of FF6, created by Sakaguchi, Ito, Amano and Uematsu. Or perhaps even a modernised PS1 style FF with HD pre-rendered backgrounds, how amazing would that be eh?

  10. Hotsaucedeluxe

    The Guch is back!

  11. khdaface

    Mistwalker X Squareenix= ff XVI
    One can dream

  12. Sch. Video

    Hope you can come (maybe make any event) to Indonesia! #SquareEnix #FinalFantasy #HironobuSakaguchi

  13. HisShadowX

    Fire Zipperman him and Heart Attack Man almost destroyed the company lucky enough you got rid of the rogue Tanka

  14. Al Liu

    I want Mr. Hironobu Sakaguchi san to come back and do a FF collaboration!!!

  15. Hussain Ahmadi

    One of the best game series in the gaming industry

  16. Leonhart

    Yesterday was attended for the Final Fantasy: Distant World ~

  17. chris hendry

    I grow up with final fantasy games , may the crystal guide your path ?

  18. Frei

    Give us VIII & FFT:WoTL remastered for PS4.

  19. Final Fantasy Peasant

    When Hashimoto said "we'd like to formally announce"… was I the only one who puckered my bum cheeks lol? Shames its just a gallery but either way here's to FF's 30th! This franchise carried me through some of the best and worst times and I love it to bits.
    Also good to see Sakaguchi and Square Enix have really let messy bygones be bygones, I hope the Guch's rapping career is going well :,D

  20. Casey Said

    I got super hyped for this only to realize the show is in California and I'm in New York ? I hope they do another showing in NYC

  21. Adam Cagle

    Ty for so many years of memorable exciting moments and sadness as well "rip arise" "rip xenogears" looking forward to 30 more years thank you square

  22. Dark Cloud

    Come back Hironobu, restore FF!

  23. Due Decimal

    yes hironobu's characters have inspired my life. after that….. not really. didnt even buy final harajuku xv

  24. Scott H

    Will they be selling anything there? I need more moogle and chocobo statues!

  25. Nathan Holt

    Hope for decades more of Final Fantasy. Over a decade on ffxi here

  26. Phoenix Down Gaming

    Been a loyal member of the Final Fantasy gamers since the very first Final Fantasy and I'm only 32 now I hope you keep bringing us Amazing games thank you for 30 years of Amazing memories

  27. Xitra Lunrise

    Cheers to Final Fantasy, Cheer to all the Creator and specially you Yoshi P.

  28. Michele Noli

    I still hope for a mega collection with all final fantasies up to ix or even up to xii ( no xi of course). Please!!

  29. Bruno Bottossi

    Bring this to Brazil.

  30. Dustin

    anyone else feel like Sakaguchi didn't want to be there? I mean, the guy quit for a reason..

  31. jose beyond

    The best creators of Final Fantasy ???

  32. DamuEmran

    I love final fantasy games since I was a kid. Every game franchise has highs and lows not just main series but also spin offs. But overall I think final fantasy is moving forward in a great direction not just with XV and mobile games. But also learning what made many games great like IV,VI,VII(this is my first final fantasy game),VII,IX,X,XII,XIII,XIII-2.Lighting returns final fantasy XIII,type 0, XV. 

    I do hope square makes a final fantasy VII remastered along with kingdom hearts 3 coming out and type next. As for X/X-2 and XII HD remaster would nice for them come to xb1 along with Kingdom hearts remix games. Also I heard XIII trilogy could get a HD remastered or maybe all three games added to XB1 BC.

  33. Nevada Filmmaker

    I didnt hear FF7 remake…… Bite it sir..

  34. єѕтєρнαηια

  35. TallulahSoie

    Pretty sure FF is dead after FFXV. Remembering what came before is all I have left.

  36. Wayne Teo

    When I retire been a console gamer one day , the title that i'll always remember in my heart until my death to the heaven is just Final Fantasy.
    Final Fantasy …… My great memory forever ?

  37. Azure Flame

    Release All Final Fantasy games on consoles please.

  38. IqarP15

    That's great and all that but what about DQX for America and Europe?

  39. The Night Sky Prince

    Sakaguchi, pleaseee work on FF16!

  40. jet gaming

    Bring back sakaguchi and nobou then take my money.

  41. Sunny Burrito

    Hats off to Square Enix for inviting Hironobu san to the Final Fantasy event since he is no longer involved or affiliated with SQE or FF, but since him Yoshitaka Amano and Nobuo Uematsu are the forefathers of the franchise they showed their respect good to see that there's no bad blood between them..well Shitnami formally Konami should learn from them.

  42. Setsuna Henry

    No more FF from now on. For 30 years with 15 FF titles, SE need to move a new IP which is not under FF title but a new title.

  43. N. Khan

    omg when they announced it I was like HAH ANOTHER GALLERY THATS IN JAPAN I WONT BE ABLE TO GO TO and then he said the US and I screamed… but then I read the description its in California smh

  44. Experience_Point

    So again we get nothing for 30th anniversary, thanks Square.

  45. SeraphCircle


  46. Random Realm

    Cough cough… I wonder if any announcements about a possible release date for the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be hidden in the artwork.

  47. Nelson Belmont

    Just give us a Final Fantasy Collection on consoles, I wouldn't even bother paying 100$ for FF I to X.

  48. Ray Valdez Photography

    They didnt shit on him like Konami did Kojima.

  49. Max555

    January 7, could it be we get a teaser for FFVII Remake?

  50. волк

    Please return ATB and Sakaguchi!!!!!

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