Far Cry 5 – Play it like Boomer Trailer [PS4, deutsch]

Far Cry 5 präsentiert: Die Quietsche-AR-C! Damit du und dein Hund auch im Freien Far Cry 5 weiterspielen könnt. Ab 27. März für PS4.

Mehr Infos zu Far Cry 5: https://www.playstation.com/games/far-cry-5-ps4/?emcid=or-ph-129502

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  1. joheater


  2. Jinhunter Slay

    Sadly my dog probably wouldn’t fetch that gun chew toy for me at all seeing how she’s barely larger than it (she’s a toy poodle). She would probably just watch it fly through the air, and then stare back at me…..

  3. Animacion GP

    Sad :v

  4. Dumb DJ

    The dog

  5. William Portilla

    First its sad but then its happy at the end

  6. great Viper


  7. Iz Glubin : Horror Stories

    sips Yep, play it like boomer

  8. Moto adventures 1234

    How do I get it

  9. newg1243

    boomer died

  10. You Suck hevin

    Just imagine his neighbors just looking out their window to see him throw a AR15 like a ball

  11. Juan el cartel

    Sigue dispo ?

  12. ないもの Naimono

    I’m still crying after Boomer DIED RIP

  13. Francis Villalobos

    It's Beautiful

  14. Steven3133

    Next thing u know he has a bear named cheeseburger and a cougar named peaches in his living room

  15. Sky Blaze

    Boomer's such a good dog.
    Missin' you so much in New Dawn, buddy. 1:20 Love you forever, buddy. You're still the best boy ever. ?

  16. trub mub

    Why did he had to die Ubisoft wwwhhhyy?

  17. Lord Sonic sparta

    Ich liebe dieses verbung ??

  18. Ben Andrei Leynes

    Rip boner

  19. Neeta Pillay

    I miss Boomer and I cried my eyes out when I found him in far cry new dawn , so I named my puppy Boomer because I miss goodest boy RIP

  20. Wanker Danker

    Rest In Peace Boomer

  21. GYUxZ


  22. Mitchell Neuhoff

    Don’t cry guys the hallucination theory still stands and if you don’t like that very well his legacy lives on in timber

  23. Z4BUPRO III —Thé king—


  24. Cratocros

    Boooooomeeeeer nooooooooo

  25. SAND MAN

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeemhhyyyyyyyyyyyyygawwwwwwwwwwwwwddddeddddd that is sow cute

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