E3 2012: Hitman: Absolution Interview with Tore Blystad

We sit down with Tore Blystad, Director of Hitman: Absolution to discuss the recent promotion of the title at E3 and series fans questions and thoughts on the 5th entry to the Hitman franchise.


  1. DrMuganda

    Tore is a dumb piece of shit who wants to be quentin tarantino so bad.
    Now after having fucked up with Kane & Lynch twice, he set sails for fucking up Hitman. And you know what? It'll fail because that dumbfuck just won't get hat people don't want to play hitman to see his grade school level fanfics of reservoir dogs but to fucking play as agent 47.

  2. HM

    DrMuganda i think that u dont have money to buy Hitman Absolution

  3. johnny blaze

    shit I just beat it well not completely I plan to gain shit tons of moneys via contracts but I need more gona buy the trilogy for sure

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