DUCATI – 90th Anniversary | Launch Trailer

Relive 90 years of passion and history in one single experience. From the creators of RIDE and in collaboration with Italy’s premiere motorcycle manufacturer comes Ducati – 90th Anniversary, the official video game dedicated to the legendary Ducati brand!

DOWNLOAD NOW for PS4, XBOX One or Steam https://store.na.square-enix.com/product/406515/ducati-90th-anniversary-the-official-videogame-pc-download/


  1. XGamingStormX

    i'd rather play ff7 g-bike

  2. Nick E

    looks terrible and last gen at best

  3. vxxlxD3MONxlxxv

    Forza and Gran Turismo need motorcycles, I mean Project Gotham Racing had motorcycles

  4. Javier Bravo

    90th graphics

  5. Luckless

    all I want is a 999R

  6. MRJCW

    What no m.h.r. I'm not impressed considering its one of your finest moments

  7. nEdra gUnn

    Are they going to have all Ducati models or just a handful? The graphics look shitty at best, I have seen better graphics on a turd.

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