Drakengard 3 – Launch Trailer

The world is ruled by Intoners, six sisters who wield vast magical power through the gift of song. But when Zero, the eldest sister, appears alongside her dragon to murder her sisters, chaos is unleashed. Prepare to face hordes of enemies in high-octane, hack and slash combat and take to the skies on dragon back to assault foes from above. Carnage has never looked so beautiful.

Drakengard 3 is now available for $49.99 on the PlayStation 3 system as well as for digital download on the PlayStation®Network and Square Enix Online Store. Players can order the game today via the Square Enix Online Store, Amazon.com, and other participating retailers.



  1. Andrie putra

    please make this for PS VITA ?

  2. NoviceartistJC

    This game looks interesting, but it doesn't feel like a Drakengard game just from the trailer. Drakengard felt more like horror and was a little darker. Even the music gave you this unsettling tone. This looks and sounds more like FF13

    I'm going to pick it up and see since the story sounds interesting.

  3. Guan Yu

    Wonder if the combat of this was inspired by that new FF game coming out

  4. Guan Yu

    I wish Capcom would make another Onimusha personally it would be great justice to an old ps2 franchise as well. But anyways I didn't play the older versions of Drakengard, but any of the fans who has played the older ones this must awesome for you guys

  5. kiyo-chan

    Does anyone know the name of the song playing during the trailer?

  6. cosplayersalbum

    Wow! I've never played Drakengard before before but this looks fantastic! 

  7. D C

    Bad graphics bad story bad gameplay. Same shit over and over and over again. Don't waste money on this shit.

  8. TheEviil

    I'm not quite fond on some of these comments about this game, considering it's on the PS3. They pushed it as far as they could with outdated hardware and it's not too shabby at all. The game edges are very smooth compared to recent RPG titles. This is not on the PS4 and we probably won't see it on it ever. Wait for number 4, if it ever comes out.

  9. Lumina kaiser

    i have played the first games like draken gard 1 and 2 and i really liked the game back then i would play for hours and days i loved the feeling of fighting on the battle field and how to use my swords and dragon as a combo,and i have been hearing news about this 3rd game for years now and i think previous games story was even better i was hoping for more improvement on the system gameplay and the story ..but maybe i'll try it first after all i have played the 2 games before and i still have them so it would not be a big deal to get this one im interested in zero's story it remind me of 2nd game somehow .

  10. seiryu84

    This straight up looks worse than Bayonetta, but Bayonetta was a good game.  The combos aren't fluid at all in this, so many gaps between them.

  11. chaz

    This is not drakengard looks like some kind of japanese fan service bullshit pretty sad

  12. ikey1555

    Loved the first two but I'm surprised it took so long for this one /also surprised it's not being ported to the new Gen. Did it just take forever to come to USA?

  13. lightxxatu

    getting someone other than aoi eir to sing kuroi uta  was 100 percent unnecessary. why take a good song and butcher it by having someone who can't pronounce the language very well sing it?

  14. Milli Bayley

    I still don't understand how professional-level video games can't produce professional-level voice acting. Because god and a half. 

  15. MonkeyDrawrs

    Best give this one a shot, don't care if it dissatisfies certain people. You know what they say, never judge a book by its cover. Might get me to pick up the older entries as well. This, after all, looks like an entry point into the rest of the series for the generation that asks "What's Drakengard?"

  16. BahamutKaiser

    Sad that you still have to play a human just to enjoy a dragon game… Publishers just never get it…

  17. Rpgamer84

    I so want to play this game. I'm a big fan of the other 2 Drakengard games. Its been so long.

  18. ultimatesol

    not interest while we have already Sengoku Basara series..

  19. orestesdd

    Is this any good?  Why doesn't Enix re-make FF7 or an HD version of FF12?

  20. orestesdd

    It looks like another FF13, which is the worst game ever made!

  21. JJsAdventure

    hope this game is as good as Nier is

  22. Isaias Classen

    why SE is making all games with these type of "kindom hearts" battle system? even final fantasy 15 is like this

  23. Dogbox Entertainment

    The trailer looks good , shame they don't release a full length movie . 

  24. Dogbox Entertainment

    Why are all the cool Japanese games only on console . Some of us enjoy using Keyboard and Mouse !

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