Drakengard 3 – Interview with Art Designer Kimihiko Fujisaka

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Art Designer Kimihiko Fujisaka discusses the creative process behind the memorable characters of Drakengard 3. From his early concepts to balancing modern and medieval styles, his insights paint a picture of how Drakengard 3’s signature style was created.

Drakengard 3 will be available for $49.99 on the PlayStation 3 system as well as for digital download on the PlayStation®Network and Square Enix Online Store. Players can pre-order the game today via the Square Enix Online Store, Amazon.com, and other participating retailers.

Available on May 20th in North America and May 21st in Europe.


  1. DamuEmran

    wow the artstyle looks awesome. The only game I've played from these guys was Nier. 

  2. Vivian Nguyen

    Always inspired by these type of videos to really want to become a game artist. 🙂

  3. qwertyMrJINX

    Very informative! I can't believe it's only a month away. So excited >.<

  4. searock

    Thanks Square, keep coming with these videos! I'd love to hear more from Yoko Taro himself!

  5. Succubi Pie

    Haha! Spoiler music.

  6. AuTumnz07

    I´m so miserable and I just have a xbox 360!! *¬¬ I dont have money to buy a ps3 too, I like it, so… please… xbox 360

  7. Voe2

    All this art and WHERE IS THE ARTBOOK!? Square, try harder on those limited/collector's editions pls.

  8. Voe2

    Also, this guy is.. Kinda hot.. Not that it means anything but, loving his designs and then seeing him, it's pretty cool. Wonder if he designed Nier's characters as well? Anyway, NICE music choice. <3

  9. Dark Chaos

    I inspire to become like him someday.

  10. venomous

    This game….sexalicious..

  11. JiPoshy

    Reminds us so much of Nier. It looks like such a beautiful game and interesting story line. Definitely on the list of must-have-games for 2014!

  12. vwr777

    The collectors edition is now out of stock. Is there any chance we get more?

  13. zack smith

    So PS4 version? plz

  14. Zyzxx

    Fujisaka-san is irrefutably my favorite video game artist. His work on games like the Drakengard series and The Last Story are so elegant and breathtaking. He makes every character unique and beautiful.

  15. SupaVibraniumGuy

    Always wanted to get the first DKG heres my chance

  16. CrackedShack

    You know a designer is fucking fine when you can differentiate characters based on silhouette alone.

  17. qoseb

    tHA t s om E g O oD fu c King a R t

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