DRAGON QUEST HEROES – Begin a New Quest Trailer

A new trailer draws near!

DRAGON QUEST HEROES®: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below™ comes to PlayStation®4 as the first full scale, real time, action RPG in the storied franchise. Created in cooperation with ω-Force (Omega Force) from KOEI TECMO GAMES, the title also brings together series luminaries including Yuji Horii, general director and creator of DRAGON QUEST, Akira Toriyama, the world-renowned artist who gave the series its signature visual style, and Koichi Sugiyama, the composer of its countless masterpieces.

DRAGON QUEST HEROES: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below is coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 on October 13, 2015!

For more information, visit http://dragonquest-game.com/heroes/


  1. Victoria Song

    So cute, even the enemies…

  2. Nathan Poole

    Damn…. The music gets me every time..

  3. laserbeak43

    will the US version have Japanese Audio/Subtitle options?

  4. Kevin Kennedy

    Looks like dynasty warriors using characters from previous games in the series…

  5. Chance Watkins

    This is so beautiful. One of my most favorite game franchises of all time. Thanks so much for sharing this with us; Jesus Christ Bless! 🙂

  6. jose perez

    looks great

  7. Caramel Frappuccino

    Looks interesting, I might buy it once it comes out.

  8. JasonWardStudios

    Some day, when Square Enix starts releasing for the PC, I may play their games again. I'm not buying a Crapstation, ExBox, or Weeee to play these damn games. Time to stop releasing for console only.

  9. Daph

    Yangus and Jessica. Nough said

  10. xSilentKhaosx

    Ok now I'm really wishing I had a ps4. More and more good looking games are coming out that I want to play.

  11. Borntorazegames

    Funny that they changed the name from Dragon Warrior to Dragon Quest… Dragon Warrior sounds so much better!

  12. Aaron Bloise

    It looks more like Kingdom Hearts than Dragon quest.

  13. Helge Söderström

    "Dragon Quest Heroes – A Game by Akira Toriyama" – The Art

  14. Tortuga2323

    looks not too good ….


    that dark magician is a sephiroth wannabe.

  16. Ariako Ishikawa

    An action based version of an RPG that never has involved ANY action elements? This game looks and sounds terrible, because it's a terrible idea. Any true Dragon Quest fan must agree.

  17. 2Chainz


  18. boygcc

    is this just another re-skinned dynasty warrior? or are there any rpg elements in here that are in the past DQ games?

  19. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

    What? no fucking Angelo? -_- OH OH OH I know, wait, no I don't.

  20. Christopher Morgan

    Dragon Quest has always been one of my favorites. You better believe that as soon as I got that notification for 100 collectors editions that I jumped on it within a second.

  21. Askani San

    Stream… bring Dragon Quest to steam. We needs it!!!

  22. xXMasterJ360Xx

    I aint even mad at this Hack and Slash games don't really attract gamers as strong as they did in the ps2 era, but damn the graphics look really amazing with this game looks better than the DW

  23. Its Me!

    Graphics aren't bad for being a PS3 game. Oh wait….what? This is a PS4 game? Are you serious? Buying this game, when Squenix releases games in the vein of Final Fantasy, is like going to an upscale restaurant and ordering a McDonalds double cheeserburger. I've always been really sad that DQ never got the graphical attention it deserved. I loved all the DQ games….when I was 10. Would be nice if they kept up graphical appearances as well as others when releasing a new game.

  24. R C

    All that hack and slash is just so boring.

  25. Kurt

    never really played a dragon quest but seems like it is going to stay that way cuz none are on pc 😛

  26. Jamey Lachiana

    so basically its Hyrule Warrior's, but Dragon Quest and not for Nintendo?

  27. Scitch2781

    epic game !! cannot wait

  28. ramza813

    HOLY SHIT YANGUS!!! now I have to get a PS4! FUCK

  29. Wild Dog

    So, like Hyrule Warriors, but cheesier? You can tell it will because they did the same thing for SW:TOR.

    Beautiful trailer, but unfortunately terrible game.

  30. GamerScienceGeek

    WAY too many female characters….

  31. beaR

    eww ARPG… seriously!? wtf happened to turn based strat? Next thing you know Zelda will become turn based.

  32. Jazneo Gaming

    you should but on PC might get more sales that way

  33. L. Xeras

    YES! Now if only Terry's Wonderland would come here! I'd pay extra just to have a localized version. I'd give back Joker 2 for Terry's Wonderland.

  34. 2jeswd

    Why exclusively to PS4? I don't get it. More people would be enjoying the game if it was also released on PC (& maybe 3DS).

  35. No name

    consols are on their way out… just saying

  36. FL33T WOOD

    ^_^ Coming to Steam!!

  37. Jinshio C

    I like the way you adapted the original chars design to 3D, well done.

  38. James David

    Hi PC gamers !

  39. Kevin Piso

    Where is Guv? I only play Dragon Quest 8 By the way

  40. For Glory!


  41. Kuroo Tetsurou

    That music guys ;_;

  42. RePhantomz

    ummmm dynast……ehem dq warrior. oh well zelda also try this genre after all

  43. Robert

    Looks good, will definitively pick this one when it arrives on the Switch.

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