DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA is a new mobile RPG that puts you in control of a dream team of popular FINAL FANTASY characters.

Set in a world on the brink of destruction, it features strategic turn-based combat and dynamic, action-packed battles.


  1. Raka Tamara

    When realis?

  2. Alves de Freitas Studio


  3. nyheen jenkins



    Fighting game?

  5. feardadani

    I super love this game. Been playing since it was released

  6. Adrian Cruz

    is this online?

  7. Corey Lineberry

    It's out… PLAY IT.

  8. joshua gore

    I have app now and has no diolog

  9. Oversoul Gaming

    So much better than NT because it actually has a narrative heavy campaign! NT just has cut scenes you unlock with points -_-

  10. Blood Blossom


  11. Adrian Forcjum

    Can you guys top releasing shitty graphics games on android? Mobius is older and got way better graphics and skills/magic looking animations this is pure garbage idk where is SE heading to , quality over quantity it seems .

  12. S M

    Is the music in this trailer in the OST for NT?

  13. Charles Brown

    Opera > NT

  14. K Duli

    Square Enix Will we ever see a final fantasy tactics advanced reboot/remake/part 2? Asking for a friend 🙂

  15. Rovka Arya

    Why is this game keeps force after i agree at the EULA ?!!.. Need some help here

  16. SZacipa

    I'm in love with this game 😀

  17. Roel Rodriguez

    Can you make a setting to change the language

  18. MrPantaloons

    Awesome trailer, great game!

  19. DoctorShroom

    Everybody looks like they're straight out of the Fate ARPGs.

  20. rocket dog


    i guess this means no Liam O’ Brien when Kain comes around

  21. melvyn setia

    When is the released date in indonesia?

  22. god dang cuz


  23. Rick Roller2004

    So BADASS (freind me in dissida my team is tifa, cloud, squall and my summon is odin and his ZATETSUKEN! An my rank is 30 or 40 name is omega all caps and my top character is my lvl 40 tifa)

  24. ZeldaFan 226

    This is a great game.

  25. Rick Roller2004

    Square you are the best now i can form my ultima team! (why the hell did you just add the 6 star selling things)

  26. Sephrio

    I wait for chapter 8 ! 😀

  27. AceStar1642

    Now what I really want is a Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia crossover with Tales Of The Rays. I know the latter is shutting down globally but if Japan can nab those rights, then we'll have the ultimate crossover ever! Over 150 heroes from various games of the 2 series clashing together would be really awesome!

  28. Turtleproof

    This is more embarrassing than Geteven, it's convinced me to never buy another Sony game ever again.

  29. GT Onn

    where download?

  30. mortorious gl

    I was dreamed for this kind of ff game for ages! Ty SqE i hope you will bring this Gem for PS4 and PC

  31. Bintang Star

    Make brave exvius 3D

  32. Lionheart0293

    Call it dissidia: casino omnia. U are sons of bitches over at square. Real sons of bitches. 12 multisummons not one ex. U are sons of bitches please do us all a favor and ban this game in all countries.

  33. murphy resmeros

    Is this Offline game?

  34. Lionheart0293

    Worst gacha system. Hours of grinding for silver weapons. Fuck this shit. Im done

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