Assemble your dream team of Tidus and other FF legends in DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA! Download and play free now!

Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for Free!
IOS https://sqex.link/dissiIOS07d19
Android https://sqex.link/DissiAndroid07d19


  1. Alex Hermosillo

    Yo Locke should be in the game

  2. Andy Redfield

    I cant make my team my Main not in NA yet. Bring Aerith in then i make my team

  3. Hunter

    I need to play Dissidia NT on my PC.

  4. Tommy

    this is the greatest thing ever

  5. Carlos Soriano

    I prefer open world of final fantasy so I can move around & fight the enime also looks pretty good

  6. Fortuna Culus

    Gimme gems Square

  7. Bihi Kurosaki


  8. ceegronlee

    I play everyday since it launched in North America.

  9. Ginko

    Celes when?

  10. xxnike629xx

    How soon til the Global version catches up with Japan?

  11. [Enigmatic] Bossu

    You already have all star characters like Cloud, Squall, Setzer, Sephiroth, Zidane and many others…and we're supposed to be excited for Tidus? This should have been in the base game. Nobody thinks Tidus is a big deal.

  12. Kevin Marvinza

    i only play 2 mobile games, MOBIUS FF and this shittt

  13. cypheraine17

    I love this game, and I've been playing it every day for months. I just hate the crashes.

  14. Manuel Monteiro

    I really hope you guys add Luna, Araneia and Iris from Final fantasy XV.

  15. Up All Night Gaming


  16. Sch. Video


  17. Loco Suave

    Where's Ramza!?!?

  18. Davis1228

    A much better game than Dissapointment NT: Failed New Direction.

  19. ZeroTar 10836

    So guys I got an question. What team did you guys make? I have made a team with my favorites.
    Onion Knight, Cecil, and Hope.

  20. Stanley Chaney

    Fuck that! The file size is too large!

  21. CarbonKnight

    Please give us Sherlotta Square-Enix.

  22. Serious Arrr

    the reason i quit. sick waiting of contents@new chaps

  23. Douglas Rosa

    I miss playing this game, it was ruining my productivity… Can we have it on PC?

  24. Aether-

    No brotherhood for me 🙁

  25. Fantasy Explorer

    Am i the only person who wants to protest square for every final fantasy game since 13. They just want our money so bad that they would sell thier souls to the devil

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