Strike with a fierce blade. Team up with Sephiroth in DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA! Download and play for free today! https://go.onelink.me/FP4b/6c05bcc9

*Through October 14, 2018, players can add Sephiroth to their roster from the “One-Winged Angel” character event.


  1. RagnarokDel

    is there a single person in the world that cares about Dissidia? Make real games.

  2. Stand up to the Internet Bullies

    this has to be one of the best mobile apps ever created. its more like a rpg lte than a mobile game. ?

  3. QT168

    OMG this is so cute ^.^

  4. Kevin Ramirez

    Now that Final Fantasy 7 and both FF9 and X/X-2 are coming to the Nintendo Switch, Square Enix really should partner up with Nintendo and discuss with them about making a set of "Final Fantasy Amiibo's". There are probably a lot of fans who would possibly want a Sephiroth Amiibo. They should make Amiibo's of each character from each game.

    Final Fantasy 7:


    Final Fantasy 9:


    Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remaster:

    -Rikku (X-2)

  5. Marra Lovella Borongan

    Well that was new, seeing Cloud and Sephiroth fighting side by side is really cool too.

  6. Bearty

    I hope sephiroth comes to smash can’t have cloud and not the villan

  7. Zane Oneiros

    How many times are the same characters going to be rehashed over and over again? I swear, there’s no innovation, creativity or elements of surprise in the FF series anymore. It’s certainly not what it used to be.

  8. Tino Han

    Memories of soldier 1st class ff vii. Cool…

  9. Dark Cloud

    Sephiroth is the best?

  10. Sephiroth PW


  11. Ninja gaiden

    Please dlc ffbe and nier aute mate charecter 2B

  12. poximano 1

    I'm so hyped thank you so much for making this game square enix

  13. funboy

    The raindrops and thunder and lightning was the only thing missing when they were dancing with the dragon. ??

  14. ZeldaFan 226

    Maybe rydia will arrive next.

  15. Otaku_GameFan

    Only the text are in English!

  16. [Enigmatic] Bossu

    Wasnt he already in the game?

  17. ayyachris

    Still waiting for lost chapter for Zack.

  18. Misora Ryuu

    Playable Ultimecia when?

  19. Wayne Filkins

    how do you get him??

  20. David Kings

    Tifa, Cloud and Sephiroth will be my main party.

  21. FuriousBoi

    Oh wow great great great.??? Somehow for a game that release from Japan or asia didnt get to the SouthEastAsia as Final Fantasy fans im really upset about it. As well the game called Star Ocean Anemnesis. Great job Square Enix youve really made me hate your company just like EA.???

  22. Capt Kant

    Why the booted characters are not cloud included?

  23. Xavier Webster-Carpenter

    "Show me your strength."

  24. Simon Cowell

    It’s a yes from me.

  25. Guerreiro Aventureiro

    after completed until lv 50 sephiroth event i pulled his 35 cp in 1 multi only

  26. Guerreiro Aventureiro

    lol that flashback reference in 0:33

  27. rocket dog

    0/10 trailer they forgot to make Cloud be low on health

  28. NoctLightCloud

    I wished this would come to consoles one day. We got Pocket Edition, so why not? It doesn't have to be soon, just…one day.

  29. Peter Lanza

    Been loving this game way harder than Dissidia NT man

  30. Setsuna Henry

    Please release the game on console.

  31. Kc Yong

    Only can download in jpn and us..

  32. Puddi Panda

    Cooool! 😮

  33. JakeObnial

    Aww man.. I wanted to get him and I just joined today 🙁

  34. Kaiser Dual Shadow

    Now I'm waiting for his Lost Chapter , c mon squareeee ! ;-;

  35. West5D3

    I am from the future and im here to tell you that sephiroth is getting his lost chapter in a few hours =3

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