DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA – Sephiroth LV60 Crystal Awakening and EX Showcase

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Sephiroth from FINAL FANTASY VII returns to DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA in his Lost Chapter with his LV60 Crystal Awakening, along with a limited-time Story Draw featuring his EX weapon Mako Katana (VII)!

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iOS: https://sqex.link/756ae
Android: https://sqex.link/d9bf8


  1. Vinícius Kazuma

    Strongest melee DPS

  2. Henrique Hayato Yagami

    Take My Money ❤

  3. SailorDragoon

    Sephi!! I’m ready

  4. Bloothehedgehog

    I remember seeing the Japanese version of this when I first looked into DFFOO lol. gooooood video

  5. UltraGamer

    The badass villain is back!

  6. Canım Türkiyem

    One Winged Angel is one of the greatest (final) boss battle theme of all time and one of music genius Nobuo's best song ever. I can't wait to hear it in the FF7 Remake<3

  7. badmaaash

    Skip. Benched for life.

  8. Le Child

    I wanted zack so im skipping this banner

  9. Bud


  10. nathan alvarado

    Ex draws are a rip

  11. Juan Jimenez

    My boi sephy is here on global!!

  12. Sher William Benedicto

    They recreated the flashback fight. Nice!

  13. sinjonezp

    I really hate you can’t get overflow , and the black materia doesn’t break….like it’s seph!!!!!! He supposed to be OP AND BROKEN!!! They need to instantly rework this.
    EDIT!!!!!!….So you can get decent overflow…it’s not the best like that busted Rinoa….but it’s good…also …Still…need break on that black materia

  14. sinjonezp

    Also funny story, had 60 draw tickets, and 40k gems…spent all 60 tickets…not even one gold weapon….get down to 10k gems..ready to give up…then low and behold, his EX smh ??‍♂️…I got six of his 15CP but not one NOT ONE of the 35CP

  15. Le Child

    Also why do I have to wait this long for Zack

  16. ᴀ ᴛ ᴏ ʀ

    wow. he's really here. he made it

  17. Os feras games

    Jogo lindo isso aí cara muito bom mas acho que falta vocês ressuscitar uma velha franquia valkyrie profile 2 silmeria seria bom remaster no PS4

  18. xXCLAUDIONORXx Clã KomodoDragons

    Aquele like ?

  19. Samir Johnson

    Just obtained the mako katana last night, on my first multi

  20. TallulahSoie


  21. J G

    Thanku Square Enix ?

  22. sinjonezp

    Also also funny story, so I literally used over 60 tickets and 40k gems to get Sephy EX….last night I had like five tickets from beach event…so I said let’s use them, went to the Kain and Vaan pull..3rd ticket I got Kains EX…like WTH!!!?? Lol

  23. Lordicorr


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