Noctis Lucis Caelum from FINAL FANTASY XV warp-strikes in to DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA!
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  1. Divine Rydia

    Not sure if I'm going to pull. Selphie and squall are close on the horizon

  2. Kay G. Radley


  3. Yobbo 64

    This is one of the only mobile games that I think could get a successful console release

  4. Kareem Codling

    Obviously FF15 like my self knew he would be coming on his games anniversary.

  5. Afiqgaming20

    Ok time to redownload the game

  6. tmma1869

    Massive pass. Only rabid fanboys would pull for him. Cloud with EX is way better :3

    Yes, I prefer Cloud over Noct but my fave FF protags are Mobius Wol and Ramza.

  7. warrior of light

    Who IS better? Ex noctis or ex squall? So doubtufull 🙁

  8. Guerreiro Aventureiro

    only his 35 cp or his ex will come out?

  9. That Guy From Moon

    Apparently death drop is spelled as W-A-R-P–S-T-R-I-K-E

  10. Kte Fish'nships

    Lol I was saving my gems for Noctis since the japan release but lost them all for EX cloud XD

  11. Charles Brown

    Wait, he had F I V E commands. When did they start doing that!?

  12. inductedcrane

    FINALLY! was worried he'd never be released outside japan

  13. David Kings

    Definitely skipping this boyband lame character.

  14. Junko Hayabashira

    Blah! Could you please add Celes for Dissidia NT?

  15. Legal Milk

    Wait how do you get warp strike to be on at the same time as your ex?

  16. Jonathan garcia

    I got his ex sword on the first multi I’m so happy

  17. Eric Yamaguti Nunes

    Saving for ramza ex and golbez only….easy skip on this and pretty much all the others….

  18. Gianna P.

    Might sound like a stupid question but: how do I acquire warp strike +? I have the Rune Saber and am at level 60 crystal and level 55 and yet I only have death drop +. Am I missing something here ?

  19. Gian Binuya

    Follow me. Noctis w/ 15/35/EX

  20. Tifa Caelum

    Noctis and Tifa in the same platform screams

  21. Anderson Tenecela


  22. Aoi

    Ignis please…there are three other characters,like FFV. no excuses SE….

  23. King Gaydorah

    Been trying to find people who would do the coop thing with hut no one ever joins

  24. Muhammad Omar Zaman

    can any one tell me how to get noctis warp strike + Hp damage………?

  25. Lionheart0293

    Please square enix. Kill yourselves. U are a real bunch of assholes. Casinostyle drawings, bossenemy who get 5000brv before an overpowered hp-group attack fucks u over. Thank you for making the game less enjoyable week by week u bunch of assholes.

  26. Tatsu

    He becomes top top top tier after his rework ^_^

  27. Soul 4Real

    Noctis warp-strike is better than the death drop. The death drop sucks real bad, l would've like to got his warp-strike. Now am l stuck with lame death drop.

  28. Delacroix

    worst final fantasy but my favorite final fantasy character.

  29. Deku scrub 94

    Can I still get noctis today

  30. • DownGrade •

    I can’t get him in game currently is he only japan?

  31. yrosado1

    Can Noctis still be recruited in 2019???

  32. Jacky Ngo

    Plz bring back noctis so I can obtain him

  33. Syzelle Ren

    Try this one…it's what I always use to get unlimited gil and gems rendozguides. com

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