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  1. Sabit Ahmed

    First! Please release the DQ8 Remaster!

  2. Argie Reginald Taberao

    FINAL FANTASY VIII – Rinoa Heartilly Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia SQUAREENIX KOEI AND TECMO Games

    Google Play and App Store Download

  3. Kazuma Satou

    Wish me luck!

  4. Nothing Found

    YES! FINALLY! it was about time for Locke to show up!
    Thanks for all the love to the classic VI and V on Opera Omnia ?

  5. Canım Türkiyem

    Locke is not only one of my favorite FF6 character, he's one of my favorite FF character, up there with Balthier, Auron,… So Locke shares the same voice actor as my favorite JoJo Jousuke from my favorite Jojo, Part 4. Locke suddenly became even better<3

  6. Anderson

    One more menber for my ff6 team

  7. T El

    Most definitely a treasure hunter and not a thief.

  8. TallulahSoie

    I'm so sorry Locke.

  9. Tanequa Woodson

    Cloud is Awesome and amazing

  10. Argie Reginald Taberao

    Back To Back Final Fantasy VI Terra and Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife. Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

  11. Tanequa Woodson

    Locke is amazing

  12. Tanequa Woodson

    I love play Final Fantasy be my most favorite game ever of all time

  13. Delacroix

    Yes!!! this mean neol coming soon to global

  14. Articus Ramos

    He ain't no thief, hes the best treasure hunter we all know and love.

  15. Le Child

    Lvl 70s when?

  16. Le Child

    I need lvl 70 squall plz

  17. Vanessa Brooks

    Locke ???

  18. Yori Channel

    Time of spend all Jewells!

  19. rodrigo puga neira

    Porque no está disponible en Latinoamérica??? Estará en algún momento disponible en esta zona…escribo desde chile

  20. E1i01 _

    It's good to see Locke in DFFOO. By the way everyone, have you guys check Square-Enix's Japanese YouTube channel? There's more spoilers for more new characters in the future.

  21. Triton Lord


  22. Zane Oneiros

    Chrono Trigger or GTFO!

  23. Kevin Marvinza


  24. Uri' Kusanagi

    I have no more requests.

  25. xxnike629xx

    Please consider making these for PS4, X1, and Switch!
    ⭐Final Fantasy⭐

    – Final Fantasy

    – Final Fantasy II

    – Final Fantasy III

    – Final Fantasy IV Complete

    – Final Fantasy V

    – Final Fantasy VI

    – Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

    – Final Fantasy VIII

    – Final Fantasy XIII

    – Final Fantasy XIII-2

    – Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns

    – Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions

    Warriors (i.e. Musou) game for the Final Fantasy series

    ⭐Dragon Quest⭐

    – Dragon Quest

    – Dragon Quest II

    – Dragon Quest III

    – Dragon Quest IV

    – Dragon Quest V

    – Dragon Quest VI

    – Dragon Quest VII

    – Dragon Quest VIII

    – Dragon Quest IX

    – Dragon Quest X (Offline) being developed in Japan

    ⭐Star Ocean⭐

    – Star Ocean First Departure

    – Star Ocean Second Evolution

    – Star Ocean Til The End of Time

    Star Ocean The Last Hope International

  26. Noctis Lucis Cailum

    Please lost chapter noctis lucis caelum, and where is prompto and gladiulos and ignis ffxv

  27. TravisB

    Oh..a character from FF6?
    How nice. Since we are throwing in the entire catalogue of characters,let's have Quina please.

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