Strike with Lightning and unleash a flurry of slashes! Ready the gunblade in DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA! Download now for free.

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  1. SonicBlue92

    Lightning's got nothing on Shulk!


  2. Noct!

    Lightning Besto Waifu <3

  3. melissaroberts4444

    So glad Lightning is finally in but now it kind of makes me wonder when the other main hero's like Noctis will show up.

  4. TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

    who is she

  5. JamCal-X

    The artwork makes me want a new Musashi game!

  6. Chiji

    She's so cute

  7. Davin Swafford

    Best music in a FF games

  8. AJ Mar Dumawal

    Lightning is cloud and squall but with vagins and boobs

  9. Gefa

    Yeah finally !

  10. One Eco

    Such a shame she will become mediocre in this game.

  11. Fortuna Culus

    Papalymo is the actual character you wanna go for, Lightning is good but she's mediocre later on

  12. VegetaEx

    Finally here, saved 60000 for her 🙂

  13. Biblioteca del Gris

    When will you release this game in my region (South America)? We exist!

  14. xxnike629xx

    I really hope that the Global ver. can catch up to what Japan has.

  15. Eduardy de Araujo

    I want for switch (with more content and no micro transation)

  16. questami

    Where's Fang? ?

  17. Davis1228

    Still a better game than Disappointment NT: Failed New Direction.

  18. cheeseballjh

    Lightning is a goddess. My favorite Final Fantasy Character.

  19. Rodrigo da Silva

    Lightning meu amor <3

  20. Crystal Heart

    I'm happy. But where are Snow and Fang?

  21. Jesse Hampton

    You skipped fang….. Nope I'll pass

  22. TallulahSoie

    Why do you keep doing this to Final Fantasy?

  23. Sher William Benedicto

    Here comes the most overrated character. Nice character wrong installment.

  24. xcreishixcelaya

    Porque la versión global no trae español?

  25. Kara Relm

    Finally my favourite is joining Opera Omnia<3

  26. HisShadowX

    Lightning and Vann sucked they ruined the final fantasy series

  27. PPF Gamer

    Looks good left a like

  28. Joey Cruz

    I'm surprised lightning wasnt already in the game! They should also put fang in too!

  29. Sch. Video

    love Final Fantasy Universe!

  30. Karlie Krossover

    And when will Fang and Noel join? Just saying >.>

  31. Bunny Dexter

    The drop rate for her 35cp weapon in the banner in global is so soul crushing:( well, for free to play player's atleast

  32. Eclair Odaiba

    Finally !

  33. KJ

    Don't forget fang, oh wait…

  34. UltraGamer

    Lightning is the my favorite and best character to use in Opera Omnia! I love this game, the story and the characters. I'm looking forward to more content coming to the game. Thank you so much, Square Enix!

  35. Adriana Elena Cordero

    Hi guys!! Can you tell where I can sell my gil FFXIV? 😀

  36. martin macflay

    The game of Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver Remake ?????????

  37. Andrew Alfanta

    I need Rinoa

  38. Charles Brown

    OO is turning out to be one of my favorite FF games!

  39. miaomlao SY

    Download free today! Click link… "this item isn't available in your country" =)

  40. Lune


  41. Crystalline Wolf

    Now we Have 5/6 of the original 13 team. Next to be add is Fang. But on the way we will get serah in ch.9

  42. Mei-mei Mannino

    I want fangggg

  43. Tony Knight


  44. Andrea Cashoili

    Hi! I love all of your games! Thank you for bringing beloved final fantasy games to the Nintendo switch. I really do appreciate it and many others do too. Please bring the kingdom hearts series and the final fantasy xiii trilogy to the Nintendo switch too. I love both series. I absolutely love the final fantasy xiii trilogy and the entire kingdom hearts series. I would love to play both complete series on the go and at home. Thank you so much for everything.

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