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  1. AuthorNumber2

    Now we just need everyone's favorite beaver speaking Guy to complete the quartet.

  2. Nothing Found

    Where's Guy? Leon is such a weird pick imo.

  3. Ryder Draconis

    I was told I absolutely had to get Selphie so I maxed her out. But then Cait Sith and Beatrix dropped immediately afterward which do Selphie's job much better.

  4. Ultra Instinct Lucario

    Leon is definitely joining my team not to mention I'm going to max him out
    right when i get him

  5. Franky Xerces

    Is he worth pulling for lol

  6. Delacroix

    I am not downloading this game until they bring back noctis.

  7. sakurairogxd

    Firion's EX!!

  8. Scarlet

    . . . WHO????

  9. Kahntrast

    FFII character designs are so good.

  10. melissaroberts4444

    For those that are curious/want to be prepared for the Ex or just the event in general. Snow is the other boosted hero along side Leon and Firion also Leon is a black crystal character.

  11. cypheraine17

    Finally some love for FF2. Still waiting for Guy and Minwu though… and maybe the rest of the supporting cast. I wanna see Ricard's interactions with Kain from FF4.

  12. Kevin Marvinza


  13. xxnike629xx

    Can we expect to see:

    Final Fantasy

    Final Fantasy II

    Final Fantasy III

    Final Fantasy IV Complete

    Final Fantasy V

    Final Fantasy VI

    Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

    Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus

    Final Fantasy VIII

    Final Fantasy XIII

    Final Fantasy XIII-2

    Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns

    Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions

    …remastered for the PlayStation 4 and also a Warriors game for the Final Fantasy series?

  14. Milboy Llenannjh

    The Very First Legendary Dark Knight is finally here!..

  15. Uri' Kusanagi

    If it's black crystals then he's already MLB

  16. Romeina Allesta

    d a r k n e s s

  17. Ray John Ner Cacao

    It's here. The start of the 4 Nightmare Events Era that caused an outcry to JP players for being too hard to complete.

  18. ㄚͲǪᴜᴇɴᴛɪɴ5110054

    Interesting… (Still waiting lightning EX)

  19. nemenhat1

    Will there ever be a FFTA character??? I'd kill to see at least one of the many lovely characters as Marche, Montblanc, etc… They do have the multijob function because of the game but its Easy to pick jobs combinations or even make polls to ask what jobs would you like to see in marche or Luso.
    I know I don't ask this enough and i'll do it in every form i can so i'll be heard by Square Enix

  20. Dan

    My 3rd charachter for main team

  21. Saiyaku

    He looks alright but like where v a y n e at tho

  22. Lionheart0293

    Turn these pull rates up for this event square!

  23. Brandon Ware

    Hope we can get a Maria lost chapter sometime in the future

  24. Fernando Bararata

    I only try 10 tickets and nothing good, but 1 pull in that banner and I got the 15/35/EX weapons of Firion, luck? I don't know, miracle I think!!! XD

  25. Ron Rodriguez

    I have a team: leon, beatrix and caith. But i also have terra. Im getting confused on the buffs, then were removed when using abilities. Please enlighten me. I would rather have beatrix, leon on a team plus one char i dont know. That maximize their potentials. I am planning to have firion since i got his ex.

  26. Laughing Octopus

    Released this on consoles, pls

  27. VocalCalibration

    Oh hey! It's Leon from Kingdom Hearts!

    He looks different…

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