Squall, Yuna, Cloud and countless other epic warriors are now available in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, our all new mobile RPG experience. Who would be in your FINAL FANTASY dream team?

Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for Free!
IOS http://sqex.to/dffoo_ios
Android http://sqex.to/dffoo_android


  1. ryu600RR

    hey is that buster prop on sale? call me

  2. kimhongsunmay

    Everyone is the best.
    That is final.

  3. Idle Vows

    I’m the best!

  4. Gamerocker

    cant wait for final fantasy 52

  5. Superflaze15

    Tifa <3

  6. Nikholas Holland

    Cecil has always been my favorite ever since I first played FFIV when little. His transformation from Dark Knight to Paladin was AMAZING, I got so pumped when I first played. Best FF for me!

  7. RPG FF7

    Cloud duh

  8. David Rhodes

    No love for my boys: Zidane and Onion Knight. With Penelo…Speed Force consumes all

  9. Elio Estrada

    Turn this game into GLOBAL! Some of us are missing the fun! Please SE… 🙁

  10. Sumir Sookdeo


  11. MrPantaloons

    Buster Sword OP!

  12. Kenny O'Shay

    Square Enix can you Release Chrono Trigger,Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy(in one game like FFX/X-2 HD Remaster), and Parasite Eve. For PS4.

  13. Joel Miller

    7.8,too much swords.

  14. Psyfer Ain't a rapper

    Watch someone is gonna get triggered by this. If you see what I'm talking about you are gonna laugh at it.

  15. Crazy Woman Driver

    So…no reference to Golden Saucer at all. Clickbait-y, but it worked.

    Well played, SE.

  16. Dean Weiss

    LMAO, this ad is so silly. I love it.

  17. Tyler Cantwell

    Cool to see Javon Alvin!

  18. Anderson Tenecela

    Tidus is the best

  19. Omnislash永遠の

    Fuck Squall Fuck Yuna And Fuck Cloud even though he’s still badass but the Best out of all of them is NOCTIS LUCIS CAELUM you are living in the past.

  20. Raihan Fadhilah

    Square Enix, please make Crisis Core and type-0 for android???

  21. TemprusofTime

    Had to hunt down this ad after seeing it. ^o^

  22. k r

    I'm not even a final fantasy fan and this is painful to watch…

  23. Altan Sipdrae

    Gladiolus best daddy.

  24. poximano 1

    Bibi is best

  25. Zero Shadow

    Who else has been playing this game and just now saw this trailer. No one. Only me. Ok

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