General Beatrix from FINAL FANTASY IX makes her worldwide debut in the global version of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA!

Download and play for free today!
iOS: https://sqex.link/dissidia-final-34ddb
Android: https://sqex.link/dissi-b0095


  1. yoyoyo151000

    I have 45k gems and 80+ tickets. If there is a free pull then I would have 10 multi pulls. If I don't get her EX then tables will be flipped!

  2. Geno San Diego

    The real FF9 waifu is here!

  3. Xaiyth Gaming

    95k gems and 60 tickets, ready and waiting! Only have 2 ex weapons, Zidane and Tidus. Here's to hoping for a 3rd!

  4. Marvel Gang

    Y'all know what character we need??? Red 13!!! Remember him? RED XIII

  5. Dark Mask

    Anyone know what color crystal she uses?

  6. Crono Luminara

    Square please help me I can't open chapters everything else works uninstalled game and reinstalled same thing idk what's going on

  7. Crono Luminara

    Square please help me I can't open chapters everything else works uninstalled game and reinstalled same thing idk what's going on

  8. Saixmoon12

    Her Kit isn't amazing but I'll pull since she's my favorite character from 9

  9. G Truesdale

    Wish they'd add her to the console version…. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  10. Cristian Jaramillo

    Luck stay with me this Sunday and maybe this is my four EX


    Holy shit that Climhazzard+ is fucking insane! I'm gonna have to save plenty of tickets and gems for her.

    And I also like Beatrix's victory quote: "You're a hundred years too early before you can beat us"

  12. Nitto Hawj17

    Not that her thunder slash doesn’t look bad ass but I hope they change it’s animation to how it’s like in the game, she and the thunder strikes at the same time

  13. Crystalline Wolf

    By the will of light. Grant us luck on tickets, for a flawless victory.

  14. Fancy Pancy

    Bea! I'm super excited!

  15. Axel Cervantes

    No me convence, esta bien Def
    1, pero ya hay muchos que ofrecen defensa y mejor. Y eso de que dependa de los buffs para subir sus habilidades a +, y no veo mucha diferencia de daño, cuando uso el HP++ apenas si se subio 2k de Brv. Lightning se sube más con el HP+, espero equivocarme

  16. Final Cloud

    Please ex weapons in serve usa. Low chance to get one, 0,05% omg

  17. Thon Her

    I wanna know who next after bichtrix? Who that purple guy ??? How come noone talking about rhat?

  18. TGundamSamurai

    Can you sell costumes at 5.00-7.00 a piece please??

    Stop promoting toxic micro transaction culture.

  19. Sibby

    Please give us Strago from ff6!

  20. Rachel Geraci

    I just came

  21. Aidyn Green

    How do you get her

  22. enzo tiomiko

    Is it time for square enix release it in Indonesia

  23. SOLDIER 1st Class

    I had to stop playing for a couple weeks and I guess I missed her. Anyone know when she's coming back

  24. Nashmau

    Sure would be nice if they worked on Dissidia NT to make it into a game that isn't total shit rather than pumping out these low effort spinoffs

  25. Kain Dizengarth

    I need Beatrix in NT!! It is the character that I want the most.

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