General Beatrix from FINAL FANTASY IX makes her worldwide debut in the global version of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA!

Download and play for free today!

iOS: https://sqex.link/dissif7fa0
Android: https://sqex.link/fab44


  1. Divine Rydia

    The female T.G.Cid comes to Dffoo. Yaaay

  2. Jamel Watson

    Calm yourself = STFU

    I've needed a sticker like this for too long

  3. Endless

    Hyped. But kinda hope they will not give her an ex upon release just so we don't have the same issue like with the mandatory sazh clear requirement we had in global. I also hope they will empathize in her kit that she is the only holy paladin in the FF World, besides Paladin cecil, so I can finally go with team Holy: Rinoa, Beatrix and Paladin cecil 🙂

  4. moe channels

    WE NEED DQMJ3!!!!!!!!

  5. Wendel Chaves

    My 280k gems and 516 tix are ready!

  6. My Rhythm

    That bgm ^_^

  7. alexi ramos

    That was so fake SMH you guys don't truly believe Beatrix is making it to global before JP lol

  8. Drakshara

    Well. Pretty happy XD. Now. General Leo from FFVI please :'v

  9. Oliver Windberger


  10. KJ

    Wow, things are getting interesting in global! Might focus more on it now!

  11. Silly Kitty

    When?! TELL ME PLZ!!!!

  12. Kym Jim

    Beatrix= shit

  13. Ivs Coltheart

    Beatrix, it's supposed to be "to me, you are nothing more than insect", and proceed to Climhazzard'ed the dragon. O(≧▽≦)O

    Anyway, been waiting for her for so long. They should bring the entire Tantalus troupe next. Or maybe just Blank and Lani.

  14. K’ D

    Save the queen

  15. James San Jose

    Her VA ha! It's Kyubi/Tamamo

  16. Crono Luminara

    Thank you SE we love you

  17. sakurairogxd

    And Cait sith? Don't coming?

  18. Avery Richard

    Been saving my gems now I know what for, been waiting for Beatrix since the game came out. This is beautiful.

  19. Void

    I think I can say a team of Relm, Cait Sith and Beatrix will be good.

  20. EddySJB

    75k gem and 136 ticketz no Beatrix Ex idk what to do

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