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  1. ATM Exclusive

    Ayyyy gang gang!!!

  2. Vinícius Kazuma

    Skip, Paladin Cecil come in 9 days; -;

  3. Bud

    Our Arse Whooopin' Companion

  4. Wombo Chrombo

    Best boi Barret

  5. Paulo Henrique

    Translate this game into Spanish or Portuguese.

  6. Yori Channel

    My nigga is comming!!! Have all my tickets Sena.

  7. LightningZerker

    I'm going, going, going, gone!

  8. creed boy

    not bad

  9. Pandamilker

    This is just more evidence that FF7 remake will show up at E3.

  10. SmilingDin

    I wouldve been happy with a remake using these graphic or maybe a port

  11. NeonRetro

    Finally another black character

  12. xxnike629xx

    Finally! Been waiting for Barret!
    Speaking of which, when will we get updates for Final Fantasy VII remake?
    Any chance of:
    ⭐Final Fantasy⭐

    – Final Fantasy

    – Final Fantasy II

    – Final Fantasy III

    – Final Fantasy IV Complete

    – Final Fantasy V

    – Final Fantasy VI

    – Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

    – Final Fantasy VIII

    – Final Fantasy XIII

    – Final Fantasy XIII-2

    – Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns

    – Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions

    Warriors (i.e. Musou) game for the Final Fantasy series

    ⭐Dragon Quest⭐

    – Dragon Quest

    – Dragon Quest II

    – Dragon Quest III

    – Dragon Quest IV

    – Dragon Quest V

    – Dragon Quest VI

    – Dragon Quest VII

    – Dragon Quest VIII

    – Dragon Quest IX

    – Dragon Quest X (Offline) being developed in Japan

    ⭐Star Ocean⭐

    – Star Ocean First Departure

    – Star Ocean Second Evolution

    – Star Ocean Til The End of Time

    Star Ocean The Last Hope International

  13. Lyrai Celestine

    I like how you finish with a perfect launch attack

  14. Proximity

    Barret lost weight.

  15. marcos gonzales

    S tier or not?

  16. Rascal0x0

    Finally a reason to play this again, i can have the whole ff7 party

  17. PUREvil

    Having fun with Tifa's EX weapon. Thanks. Great event!

  18. Orrion Odyssey

    New Final Fantasy 7 Remake looks amazing

  19. TallulahSoie

    I'm sorry Barrett.

  20. ZeldaFan 226

    Got him.

  21. Misora Ryuu

    Where is my playable Ultimecia!

  22. gabsgrein

    Please, me and a lot of friends are having trouble after the last update. The initial screen just freezes and it keeps loading forever, after that we receive an error message or the app just crashes. I want Kuja costume and his EX, please fix it soon, thanks! PS.: I've tried everything, reset the internet, 3/4G, reinstall the game and nothing works.

  23. abrahamWCE

    I don´t trust south koreans to distribute SINoALICE for you, Square Enix

  24. Jaden Durrette

    For episode 4 for life is strange 2 be a cross over for Max from the first for daniel and sean to met

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