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  1. Just Me


    Yea I want her, like really badly QAQ

  2. Morrow l Terra’s Love

    No Terra EX showcase?

  3. Carlos Soriano

    My wifeu

  4. Daniel Brisbane

    Cool beans

  5. xDigitalMonster


  6. TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

    so happy Zero is in BO4

  7. Kevin Marvinza

    Ssskkkkkiiiippppppp. Maybe chase terra ex in this banner.

  8. Ernesto Ruiloba

    Is this the boy or the girl? I remember there where two of them.

  9. Death Gun

    Date ?

  10. hero3250

    got 40k ready to drop on this banner lets go

  11. Jerome Dado

    Finally got noctis EX weapon with my 5k gems 🙂

  12. Uri' Kusanagi

    I have a few ideas…well… wishes.
    Sora – Kingdom hearts
    Locke -FFVI
    Lann or Reynn – World of Final Fantasy
    Rikku – FFX
    Queen – Type ø
    Machina – Type ø
    Someone from FF I, WOL from Mobius would be insane though.

  13. tmma1869

    0:31 Only one party member?! I don't recall that working, I remembered the minimum amount of party members required is 2…

  14. Lyrai Celestine

    For FFXIV players:
    How Alisaie works in DFFOO, first, discard the cast time definition entirely. Then, also discard the Black / White mana imbalance penalty entirely and have 7/7 as its limit instead of 100. Veraero / Verthunder grants 3. Verstone / Verfire grants 4. Enchanted Redoublement uses 5 of both. Verholy / Verfire grants 4.

    Whenever she casts Veraero / Verthunder, it always grant either Verfire / Verstone, the BRV+HP variant. after use it will go back to Veraero / Verthunder. You each use 1 use for a rotation, because Dualcast will grant free use of a skill instead of instacasting. Verholy / Verflare consumes one use and does NOT grant a Dualcast. Everything else is as you know it.

  15. Shiala

    My girl, Alisaie is here! So tempted to pull for her weapons, argh!

  16. xeno vida

    Make video like this for every character will be great

  17. Des

    Can someone tell me the name of the song plays during this?

  18. ItaChu 787

    Wow she does a rotation and everything

  19. The Homie

    Heyy the friendly neighborhood Red Mage at our service ?

  20. Sou Nano

    Literally who?

  21. Hope

    I started playing the JP version when her event ended and I couldn't get her, but as soon as she got back, she became my favorite one. Yes, she's f***ing strong

  22. Curious Snail

    Awsome! cant wait to play her! I saved 999 999 999 Red cystals just to insta max her out.

  23. Lute Kun

    gotta save for squall ex and the rest for cait sith gotta love a cat for my party

  24. Roel Bonza

    I have no idea where papalymo and yshtola came from after the battle was done.

  25. X-_ M4tRiX

    Is he a boy?

  26. Red Demon077

    No ex

  27. Tatsumi

    Cant wait!

  28. Saixmoon12

    I think she's great and is worth investing into if you lack a magical DPS character. But if you already do then save your Gems for Selphie and Squall EX.

  29. Puddor

    alisaies reaction to yda mentioning papalymo just fucking killed ne

  30. Jonny Mario

    Damn i was waiting sooooo long for this!
    I hope she is a little stronger than she was in jp… no one used her 🙁

  31. Adrian Abney

    Fast AF

  32. fluffypanda75

    Me when she went solo: "Ha! She can't solo Bahamut! You're crazy!"

    …….I was so wrong….

  33. Tyrantosaur

    see its times like this that make me miss playing ff 14 sooooo freaking much. The music was fantastic for that game. Just everything about 14 was absolutely amazing. Nostalgia kicking in hard.

  34. Reinca Gaming

    Ez skip. Better to pull for Selphie and Caits if you want a meta changer char.

  35. EagleEye AT

    I'll take yo Alisaie

  36. yoyoyo151000

    Female Konohamaru!

  37. Yori Channel

    She looks powerfull :O

  38. R.A.F GattaiGuy

    hmm, as a beginner I am a bit lost on how she works, but also excited to see a more complex kit

  39. Abigdummy4life

    Alisaie's JPN voice = Megumin while Cinque = Yunyun.

  40. fireball6107

    I'll use her, but my gems are being saved for when the Aeris Lost Chapter is released

  41. David Kings

    Finally! Rinoa and her are the only ones left that interest me.

  42. David Kings

    Include her in Dissidia NT, please!!

  43. Skiprope Cleopatra

    What happened to the verflare graphics ?

  44. Ronny Mahendra

    Oh hello RDM combo

  45. Xero Hope

    I just want to know rhe theme

  46. Steven Chou

    Voices ff game! From SE..but pls make it available in all country, my country is malaysia. Want to play this game

  47. priya panjirosa

    Anyone know the song title for this music?

  48. Simo A.

    Her gameplay makes her useless… the most useless pg in the game

  49. Luke200

    So here's a question how do you get really high brave? Like having a character lvl60 crystal 60 doesn't just give them max brave 10,000 or anything. Do you just get multiple weapons for that character for more Affinity or something?

  50. CheeseOutlet

    What’s the theme that plays?

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