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Enter the arena where legends await with the DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT: Ultimate Collector’s Edition. Sit down with Mat Kishimoto, Sr. Product Manager & Lowey Ding, Asso. Product Manager as they reveal the contents from the collector’s edition.

DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT features 28 characters from the legacy of the franchise with more being added once the game releases on January 30, 2018.


  1. Garik Wheeler

    Already got mine locked down. Can't wait to get it 😀

  2. Hyou Vizer

    why did lowey laugh when mat 1st introduced himself O.o

  3. blackstarGOaT

    This is not worth $200 lol barely has much content

  4. Artemicion Kupo

    After spending the ultimate collectors edition for FFXIV, and what waste that was. I am not going to be doing thisagain. Those pictures I can find in the pages of past final fantasy collections i own. Advice, Save your gil..

  5. Sch. Video

    can't wait for DFFNT!

  6. Royce Jose

    Underwhelming but it's quite good

  7. TheShadowHunter

    Oh, are we talking about the edition that you only make available to a very few countries and just leave the rest of the world in the dark?? Seriously, your marketing team and the way you treat your fans are very bad!

  8. Heroic Enemy

    Not even a full figure, what a joke lol.

  9. AJ Mar Dumawal

    I have the deluxe fuck you

  10. AJ Mar Dumawal

    Cloud on the box of course

  11. Scoop of the Crispy

    If only I had the money to purchase it!

  12. zima101

    Dying for them to ship this out!

  13. Rynn21

    That bust is a lot smaller than I thought. Glad I skipped on this one. Too much for so little.

  14. Zephyrmirage

    Pre-ordered mine.

    The WoL bust is pretty small though…

  15. Genffu

    Pigeon Time !!!

  16. saiyanwei

    thanks! not going to preorder anymore, bad deal

  17. rubthesleep

    please ask square enix jp to stop doing this stupid crap with CE/steelbooks. all the countries getting dif stuff, its really confusing, there are dif editions of the steel books, some stores are splitting the cards up and charging on the side with the normal edition. this sucks. please stop its super annoying!

  18. Accel

    I don't mind dating Lowey. Anyways on a more serious note, if they make Cloud or Sephiroth statue/bust I'm sure the collector's edition will be sold 100 times more.

  19. Yaser Mohamad

    These cards are availabe in Europe version ?? Even if it is not a preorder ?? Like i buy it in regular retail

  20. Sunny Wolfie

    Preordered yesterday! I'm syked for the art book and music CD.

  21. Davis1228

    As a fan of the original 2 entries, NT is a disappointment and a huge letdown.
    Casting aside the tense, stylish, 1v1 combat, sacrificing what individual players can do, and neutering character movesets as well as nerfing defense and movement, all for the sake of 3v3 esports, was the wrong direction to take Dissidia.

    It would have been better if NT was not even under the "Dissidia" title, instead carrying a new title and starting its own separate series.

    NT, and its 3v3 esports design, isn't a bad concept in and of itself. It just isn't DISSIDIA.

  22. solidemike

    This is a nice collector, but the fact that it's 250$CA is borderline insulting & shameless. I'll simply go for the steelbook edition.

  23. shiningwizard327

    I love Final Fantasy, but their prices are just retarded! This should be $120 at the maximum. FFXV collector’s edition was $350 IIRC. And don’t even get my started on how overpriced the Play Arts Kai series is.

  24. MITSUOMI91

    That bust was a let down , it should've been the size of the box not a small piece of crap :/

  25. GamingRetrospective

    Not a great value for this collector's edition.

  26. Cillchilli Hothot

    For 189? + tax? Hell No!! greedenix! Goodluck ff fanatics!

  27. Tribrid Ronin

    can't pre order hey mat would you be about kick eu and au ass into gear because fans in new Zealand can not pre order any of your collector edition

  28. tediz64

    thats too much. same goes for that FFXII CE busts set. i felt cheated when i bought that FFXII set. not gonna buy this one at that price.

  29. Brian Brown

    Expensive…I got the steel book version lol.

  30. Franci Kembora

    CE's have really been getting underwhelming.

  31. Jerome Arias

    Will the tshirts be available for purchase?

  32. demonatx

    "Cameraman focus right here please" moves figure all over the fucking place Really…..

  33. Lorenzo Peña

    I'll buy that for $100 and that's all I can give for all of those contents.

  34. The Monopoly Troll

    Shit game

  35. Manny Zavala

    This video made me not want to buy anything im glad that i got the steel book brawler edition today with sephiroth on it my main character i have been using during the beta test but im just going to buy the dlc later on i do recommend this game too anyone who loves final fantasy and too new comers who love complex online fighting games tho ?

  36. DamienYok

    really dissappointed at the size of the statue for $190. I think it should be priced at $120 at most.

  37. Cray Yit

    Y my collector din have the art book and the card??

  38. SuperDarkLord7


  39. Curtis Shideler

    Why did Europe get different boxes? It made me want both! And I can't afford that. 😉

  40. Tonito Senpai

    that suck for a collector i will never buy that …huge fan of fftasy but for that nah 🙁 desapointed

  41. Beliasa

    Mr. Kishimoto, we meet again.

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