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DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT is 3 v 3 team based brawler featuring unique combat mechanics, character abilities and game changing summons from the legendary FINAL FANTASY series. Take a deep dive into the four different classes that best fit your battle style and learn the strategies behind the bravery combat system that will lead your team to victory. Join the next evolution of fighting games with DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT coming January 30, 2018.

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  1. Samael Hellfire

    3v3? Pffff I want 1v1 like the old Dissidia games 🙁

  2. Hedgehog3342

    yes can't wait. dissidia is such awesomeness.

  3. Daniel Covão

    Champ man 18 pleaseeeee

  4. hellrider22393

    they times the ending scenes to the music very well

  5. Saikurios

    Can we get ffbros next?

  6. ThonREvol


  7. Koko ohno

    Will other characters be in eventually? Like Yuna especially ?

  8. Jose Rivera

    I hope the ranked mode of this game take seriously like another strategy games.

  9. Neoh .Z

    A bit worried the season pass is just gonna be the left out characters from Duodecim…
    1. Yuna, 2. laguna, 3. Gilgamesh 4. Prishe 5. Tifa 6. Gabranth

    At this rate, goodbye Auron, Balthier, & Zenos chances…

  10. RespawningJesus

    Honestly, the lack of advertising for this game is rather concerning. Add in the fact that a lot of people are turned off by the 3v3 combat, and I am not sure this game is even going to do well at all.

  11. Breloopharos

    Come on mam only ps4? Wheres the pc version?

  12. The Hentai Shogun

    About fucking time

  13. John Carl De los Santos

    now I just have to transfer my Skills in Psp's dissidia to Ps4's

  14. M Sila

    Hmmm will Yuna and Tifa be in it?

  15. Eugene Chandi

    So is it offline

  16. Mark Fu

    damn i hate the character models that koei made. every face looks generally the same when they make it.

  17. Arxevius

    Quistis Badbreath op

  18. Jed Cauffield

    'I am just speaking monotone English for this SqEnix Dissidia commerial. Now where is, my mon-ney?!'

  19. afromarco005

    Zidane is stylish

  20. Cyrrow

    So is the specialist class jack of all trades then?

  21. Conrad Lionel El'Dragon

    I'm avoiding this game because it's no longer "Dissidia", just another Final Fantasy. I don't like sequels where they remove defining features of that specific "series" (here it being EX MODE and EX BURST). So no thank you.

  22. VentusLoire


  23. Sgt Geezy

    I still think Final Fantasy Fighter would have been a better name

  24. Goldenface

    Needs more villains, not even a FF12 one. Cough…. Vayne Solidor

  25. larryand corn


  26. Nasrul Haq

    Pc no? K

  27. amoena rosae

    Oh shiva is sooo beautiful….. Love her sooo much

  28. blanc2468

    I want to know if this game will be on Xboxone as well since i don't own a ps4. Also are all the controls similar to the psp versions? Oh don't for get about a pc version.

  29. Crystarium Network

    Not a huge fan of th 3v3 and the beta felt … slow… still get it though I guess.

  30. AiG1992

    Who's the guy at 0:10 ?

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