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Check out DISSIDIA NT’s first appearance at Wednesday Night Fights at the Esports Arena in Santa Ana, CA. Top finalists from LIVE FIGHTS Ep. 1 come back to take the title for winners at this tournament. Did the champions from SCR win this time or have they lost to another reigning team? Tune in to live.dissidiafinalfantasynt.com for the full episode with casters Tasty Steve & Sajam.

DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT will be available for PlayStation 4 on January 30, 2018 in North America and Europe. Enter the arena where legends await!


  1. Skaterr

    Am I the only one who played type 0

  2. AJ Mar Dumawal

    Whats the beta schedule for US?

  3. Gmoya Jp

    Only one of two these guys been playing dissidia since the psp days the others never herd of em including Mr happy.

  4. YoRHa UNIT A2

    Glory to all YoRHa units

  5. Bloothehedgehog

    Remember how they said Noctis would playable at this event lol

  6. Zane Oneiros

    Final fantasy is DEAD ?

  7. Sage

    I'm hype just for Tasty Steve

  8. TheTrueProdigy101

    Old build again i see

  9. Seth Lopez

    Open beta the 12 thru 21 see you guys in there

  10. GoonierGAMES

    but FighterZ tho.

  11. ReachStudioPro

    Oh shit, MrHappy. Did not expect to see him but I'm glad to see him. The game looks great, a shame it's exclusive, well a shame for me.

  12. Ricardo Fernandes

    I want and NEED Dragon Quest XI on Europe!

  13. Knightwing777

    There have better me a Classic 1v1 Mode!!! Like I understand the 3v3 but I want a 1v1 please don’t fuck this up!!!!

  14. T El

    Cup noodles is best with meat.

  15. Ragmesesis

    Really disappointed with this this dissidia, i have been a fan for 20 plus years i have all final fantasy games and wont support at launch the game. The Reason is that the game should come out for all at the same time and not close beta for some, since the game has online its unfair for some to start after others. I Downloaded the open beta the day it came out and i was destroyed by players of the closed beta. So i say ask for support from those players im out.

  16. Davis1228

    As a fan of the original 2 entries, NT is a disappointment and a huge letdown.
    Casting aside the tense, stylish, 1v1 combat, sacrificing what individual players can do, and neutering character movesets as well as nerfing defense and movement, all for the sake of 3v3 esports, was the wrong direction to take Dissidia.

    It would have been better if NT was not even under the "Dissidia" title, instead carrying a new title and starting its own separate series.

    NT, and its 3v3 esports design, isn't a bad concept in and of itself. It just isn't DISSIDIA.

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