Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Fantasy Finals Trailer

Pre-Order the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT at Amazon – http://a.co/cmPBJTh
Then join the fight at – https://www.dissidiafantasyfinals.com/

Your favorite champions from the Final Fantasy franchise are coming together for the ultimate battle… and it’s also your chance to win awesome prizes.

Square Enix is teaming up with Amazon to throw the tournament of the century – The Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Fantasy Finals.

To join, pre-order any version of Final Fantasy Dissidia NT, including the limited edition Steelbook Brawler Editions, on Amazon today and also get the exclusive Cloud Nail Bat DLC!


  1. Nathaniel Ranney

    You people are really salty over a cosmetic item.

  2. Otaku_GameFan

    Cloud's bat? ?

  3. Rapid Fire

    0:34 Negan killing Glenn

  4. Zeroken Kiyoshi

    Where is RAMZA ????

  5. RealmOfWonders

    Thanks, But rather have a Viewlex style arcade machine.

  6. Dustin

    cant wait for Dissidia NT for PC!

  7. Ghost Slayer

    Props to the guy not getting tongue tied


    weeell, weeell, WELL!

  9. DanaRage

    but why aren't those that pre-ordered the game directly from the Square Enix store included? Particularly those that pre-ordered the collectors edition? $200 pre-order to be excluded from the competition :/

    It's not the end of the world, but the fact that all collector's editions for final fantasy are only made available from Square Enix's store and no other retailer to pre-order, so if someone pre-ordered the collector's editon, they'd have to order a second copy of the game just to participate.. Sure, there are people that can afford it, but there are a lot of people who have to scrimp and save to get that collector's edition in their hands and can't really afford to reserve a second copy of the game.

  10. Geno San Diego

    Let's go Justiiiiiiiiin!

  11. Hans Sinjaya

    No pc platform?

  12. greenliongirl07

    Already pre ordered at game stop last month. . . Wait! Since when does Cloud use a bat?

  13. clownavenger

    Stop crying bc only amazon buyers have access to this shit. Amazon is most likely footing the bill for everything and rewarding people who support amazon with their purchase.

  14. Cscan204

    Call me when you bring back Yuna and Tifa

  15. JamCal-X

    I do i feel like I just listened to a 90's bowflex commercial? Maybe because THEY KEPT SAYING THE NAME OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!? Now all you need is a GIANT INFLATABLE ARM FLAILING TUBE MAN!

  16. H.A.K

    0:34 I am Negan

  17. Daniel Covão

    Champ man 18 pleaseeeeeee

  18. Vipera217

    when i hear NT all i imagine is HUDs HUDs HUDs and more HUDS

  19. Tolvan

    …Why would I give Cloud a nail bat when he could be using a goddamn Buster Sword? Like, I know it's a joke weapon, but… Buster Sword.

  20. Zakana 3

    Noctis should be on that game cover.


    So.. can you join the tournament playing online, or you have to actually be there playing in live?

  22. Jake Deerberg

    So I pre-ordered the steelbook brawler edition but I don't see the code anywhere? Where should I look?

  23. Hybridstaind124

    Pre-ordered the game but haven't got the code to sign up yet. An Amazon rep said I should get it the day the game is released but wouldn't it already be over after that? Any info would be helpful.

  24. Doel Johon


  25. Rabie Games

    i pre ordered it and the code they sent me does not work. anyone else expeirnce this?..

  26. KuraudoSutoraifu7

    So how do i know if actually won a prize?

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