Deus Ex: Human Revolution – SDCC 2011 Panel Part 2 of 3

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  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution – SDCC 2011 Panel Part 2 of 3

Mary DeMarle (Lead Writer), and Will Rosellini (CEO of Microtransponder and consultant to the game) speak on the science of potential realities of Augmentations in the real world.

Part 2 of 3


  1. Decatonkeil

    Technocracy is laying its egg in elementary schools. Every child needs a modern highly compatible computer, fast internet conection, and other gizmos, just to submit their work to the teachers they meet in person. That's the desire of corporations (hence how hilariously awful I find I, Robot the movie). It's great to teach children to go by with new technologies at school, using public investment. But if you take it too far, lower classes like immigrants will feel alienated.

  2. Decatonkeil

    Hmmm… are they talking of some "humanity loss" like that in Vampire the Masquerade or Cyberpunk 2020? That would be cool. Even if they don't include it as a gameplay mechanic I'm getting hyped. The ideas they are putting on the table are really interesting in fleshing out a rich cyberpunk setting.

  3. PW Lavoie

    They take alot about economy, thats a scary thing to thing about, augementing improved areas of the body to enchance a persons chance of either getting a better job or keeping it.

  4. xeraph02

    This debate about social classes reminded me an epic cyberpunk noir anime I once watched called Texhnolyze.

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