Detroit: Become Human – Marcus Character Trailer – E3 2017 [PS4]

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Auf der E3 2017 wurde Marcus, der dritte Protagonist von Detroit: Become Human in einem neuen Trailre vorgestellt.

Mehr Infos zu Detroit:

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  1. kain ramos

    I like it

  2. Dominick Boren

    My god this is amazing.

  3. Play With Lava

    Nice. This reminds me of Deus Ex a bit.

  4. Jimmy Chen

    In the future android vs humanBut now android vs ios

  5. sam stone

    Looks fun. Though lets just hope, the story will be as complete, as it was in Heavy Rain (not like in their last game).

  6. Remy Quist


  7. TheGeckoNinja

    not sure why they are upset humans think of them as machines cause thats what they are, they act like humans always knew that they were living sentient being, hell if this really happened in real life i think we'd accept the fact they actually became living organisms with their own thoughts, feelings, and emotions. though id think if robots started showing signs of sentience we'd stop developing their AI to avoid this situation

  8. Refloni

    "Will you choose violence or pacifism?"

    Is there literally any reason not to choose pacifism? Doesn't seem very tough moral decision.
    This whole game reminds me of the main quest of Fallout 4. The game tries to sell that robots are people and – sorry about this – the story seems a bit childish.

  9. Hans Maulwurf

    LoL that guy from Grey's Anatomy.

  10. KompassOhneNadel

    I ll try to get Markus killed on my first gameplay, because i dont like Jesse Williams. Hypocrite Thug.

  11. Razerfire


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