Dead or Alive 6 – Gameplay Preview – E3 2018 Interview [PS4]

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  • Dead or Alive 6 – Gameplay Preview – E3 2018 Interview [PS4]

Schaut euch das erste Gameplay zu Dead or Alive 6 an und erfährt mehr Details zum Spiel! Aufgenommen auf der E3 2018.

Verpasst kein Video mehr:

Auf dem offiziellen Kanal von PlayStation Deutschland findet ihr aktuelle und deutsche Trailer, Spots und Videos aus dem PlayStation-Universum. Bleibt dran und abonniert, um nichts zu verpassen!

Alle Videos zur E3 2018 findet ihr hier:

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  1. church of the tea

    Marie rose and hitomi were my first character so i'd be happy if they were here as well

  2. Batman Injustice2 Statham


  3. Hiding in my room

    I am so excited for this game is my favorite game of all time!!!!!!

  4. Keon Harper

    doa one word for u guys boobs

  5. Immortal Kdude

    Thank god for intelligent Asians
    Thank you for making video games

  6. Chaotic Hoe

    I want to know if Honoka will be in doa6

  7. UrboyCrazy

    Make Doa6 like Doa 3 and4. Not like 5.

  8. 100thdegree

    If the story line is like 5…I’m good luv, enjoy

  9. Virgo Clay

    Is Marie Rose in 6????????

  10. Sam Sam

    Im so old i have an xbox 360 and play doa5. Great game but i dont think doa6 will be playable towards 360. Rip me…

  11. HannieNannie

    How about less costumes and more than 20 seconds to pick out of 60 costumes especially on tag when you’re picking 2 people

  12. The Beast from within

    Still garbage

  13. Wemo42- Sama

    Honoka-chan better be in this game

  14. EmoGothGaara

    fuck this game

  15. Ralph Coronado

    Lei Fang, Hitomi, Elliot, Brad Wong and Kokoru are all I want and I'm set.

  16. 的旅行地圖Meowka

    Dead or alive 7: Sex planet

  17. Mike Rotch

    Sorry, too busy preordering Soul Calibur 6. The fighting game with balls. And titties. Big bouncing titties.

  18. Free Email

    I’am not liking the new mechanics of this new doa game.Please bring back doa last round mechanics and place with this new game of doa.

  19. Kurumi Rose

    I want Hirohito and phase 4 back

  20. alexander strike

    Christie and Rachel,at least Christie

  21. Cpt. Ruffy

    looks lke plastic crap

  22. Marcelo Reis


  23. DatBitch KeepingItReal

    Help Restore DEAD OR ALIVE as the Sexy Fighter series for 20 plus years don't let SJW Win you can make a difference

  24. DatBitch KeepingItReal

    Instead of improving on DOA5LR what does Team Ninja do? Gave the Middle Finger to the Fan Base & kneel down to Western SJW

    and now gonna Srink the breasts side & no jiggle because NA Mentality is Killing,Blood,brushes your favorite DOA Girl is accepted but showing Boobs & fan service is bad

    DOA Was the last good Clone of Virtual Fighter with fan service now it's just a Generic Blood edgy Fighter to please the NA Crowd

    the Boob stuff is a huge part of DOA just like the gore and Violence in MK is a huge part of MK. if you remove the thing that makes it DOA or remove what makes MK MK then they are no longer those games.

    & SJW Censorship wins again

    I will be boycotting and getting SC6 Better where namco always delivers & have both jiggles to great gameplay.

  25. Deskcrash

    Females without boobs phisycs looks like mannequins.

  26. Paul William

    OMG I Hope there is Stages where we can do Cliffhangers because this was and is the only Game that had those type of things so please dont take it away

  27. redzerg

    I hope DOA6 fails soon as it comes out !

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