D.I.C.E. Awards Thank You Message

For more information: https://goo.gl/qEsudE

Developers YOKO TARO and Yosuke Saito send their thanks for NieR:Automata winning “Role-Playing Game of the Year” at the D.I.C.E. Awards.

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  1. Hailey Matthews

    You guys need to upload the reveal teaser for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It can be found pretty much everywhere now except SE North America? Really? >_>

  2. Nigel Mooney

    Well Played! A great apology and a fantastic game!

  3. DKZK21

    I love how happy Yosuke Saito looks in every video where he is next to Yoko Taro. Best m8 goals.

  4. zoey morrigan

    D.I.C.E awards are some of the worse, most bullshit awards BUT I'm still happy yoko taro and Nier won lol

  5. zaini ikhwan

    It's spreading……

  6. Louie Puertoman

    Love you guys! Thanks for such an amazing experience ?

  7. GuzziHero

    Yoko Taro is such a genius he even shows his humble nature in a genius way!

  8. Nono Noton

    Repent for your sins under the precious god, Yoko Taro.

  9. Xander Ma'ko

    G O D A S S P O K E N

  10. mike k

    Now they may finally patch the PC version ?

  11. Soki Moh

    Cut one of your finger,takano!!!

  12. Himura Koyomi

    Nier and drakengard 1,2,3 remastered please

  13. smellslikeus

    Thank you for Bier

  14. The Animated Gamer


  15. Alkaiser

    Well-deserved award!

  16. Wise Sage of the Fanservice realms

    Jesus christ, that is a lie. SE just dont wanted to go to the DICE awards due political reasons beetween companies and they used yoko e-charisma to calm (ditch) the other party and make a fun event for the players: "ho ha he he yok taru being funnneh again xd" type of message videos that got so virable beetween gamer opinion lately behind some prideful contempt and ego of a company.

  17. yevon sama

    why you still not fix your PC version?

  18. Kay

    I've almost got platinum in this game. It'll be my first

  19. Dynamike

    To celebrate, put it on sale on PSN please! 🙂

  20. Rachmat Zulfiqar

    I was hoping for something related to nier sequel, but I'm not disappointed

  21. Best Snake

    Bless these people

  22. Sporulaklla Dzetta

    Нипонцы такие скромняги, то есть хитрецы

  23. FakuTV

    When launch the game Servant of Thrones in english??

  24. The Road59

    That's why project gestalt collapsed..

  25. Dappis

    Life goals

  26. Mythic Mike

    Best apology 2018

  27. grimwatcher

    Freaking Yoko Taro is the best lol

  28. RealCharacter

    Oh no the emile heads, they're spreading!

  29. LtmStudMuffin Muffin

    Yoko Taro. Never fucking change, dude.

  30. GΔUZE

    Aye where do I buy one of them pillows ?

  31. 楽-がく-


  32. Angel Rivera

    Give me a Drakengard Remastered!

  33. Jaime Rodriguez

    This is why yoko taro is my waifu

  34. Daniel Geer

    This is truly a man that can break cultural barriers.

  35. Phạm Minh Việt

    Drakengard remake when?

  36. mohammed nbs

    love your game yoko and i pray for your secuss in your next projects
    my scincere love

  37. John Frank

    Where can I get Yoko Taro’s scarf?

  38. mana269

    Thank you please make another game ❤️?❤️

  39. Accelerator

    God is that you? (Yoko Taro)

  40. nathaniel sadler

    I been waiting way over 20 years for a sequel to SUPER MARIO RPG LEGEND OF THE SEVEN STARS.

    Give nintendo a call for a HD remake or HD sequel.

    It would break my heart knowing there will never be a HD remake or HD Sequel for the remaining of my life.

  41. MINATO Yosuke

    Wow! Japanese dogeza !

  42. Neeko Chan

    you guys are amazing, making that kind of game, honestly i still playing it, bullying machine every time haha,
    im looking forward to your next nier titles sequel/prequel whatever! i will play it, even though i did not have a chance to play the 1st nier but i fall inlove with automata, i think thats enough to show my support! thanks guys

  43. CarlVercetti

    What if Yoko Taro is cloning himself putting Emil's mask on everyone?

  44. иαтѕυкι єχє

    I bought an emil mask for my friend so he can get on his knees and Beg for forgiveness too.

  45. lewis4642011

    Why does Yoko Taro remind me of Koro sensei from assassination classroom so much?

    And no, it's not the mask.

  46. alexj0101

    omg lol

  47. Trung Nguyễn Minh

    best youtube apology

  48. Gürer Özdil

    Thank you Yoko-san for this masterpiece of a videogame, thank you Saito-san and Square-Enix for reviving the NieR franchise. As a consequence we got the best game of this generation. I hope we'll also get Drakengard 4 before this generation ends.

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