Collection of Mana | Launch Trailer (Closed Captions)

Unforgettable adventures await in the Collection of Mana – Available Now!

Collection of Mana ushers players into the enchanting world of the Mana series with the first three titles, Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana, and for the first time in the West, Trials of Mana (known as Seiken Densetsu 3 in Japan). 3 classic games, 1 incredible collection!

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  1. StrikerJaken

    I would have loved the whole Mana series, though.
    Like legend or Sword of Mana (just bury the bad PS2 game)

  2. Furealz Luckilynx

    I have to buy it on eBay unfortunately, they want to charge me 250% the price of the game for shipping. I just signed up and they screwed me over.

  3. Sh4o_

    Only on the Shitch? Oof.

  4. John Hanzely Jr

    Only on Switch? Would love it on PS4. Makes sense, though, since they were exclusive to Nintendo systems in the first place (Game Boy, and Super Nintendo). You know that Nintendo will not allow it on other platforms because of this.

  5. kurisu7885

    Is that a…. giant enemy crab!?!?!?!?

  6. Musou Tensei

    Please give europe a physical release too.

  7. El arrejoladero del Jornalero

    No Legend of Mana? meh.

  8. TallulahSoie

    Switch only? Bah.

  9. bumbayker

    I wonder if the English release of Seiken Densetsu 3/Trials of Mana uses the fan translation done over a decade ago.

  10. Dr. Morlord

    Not for 40$ srry
    a game is worth max 6 bucks
    20 bucks would i pay at max
    bye Square

  11. Caleb B

    $100 USD for the cartridge for us canadians, thanks SE, guess I'm pirating.

  12. Ace C

    Never played any of these so this looks like a grand opportunity to try them.

  13. mtksbctk

    I dont want bullshit recycled games…

  14. 23rd F e b r u a r y

    Where is legend of mana 🙁

  15. 92JinKazama

    Why is Legend of Mana so unloved?

  16. Primeevi

    Already ordered ? But an Xbox version would have been nice … in general the whole mana games are neglected for the Xbox, it's a shame.

    Schon bestellt ??
    Aber ne Xbox Version wäre schön gewesen… allgemein die ganzen mana Spiele werden für die Xbox vernachlässigt, finde ich schade.

  17. Alicio Vitório

    Please bring this collection to ps4

  18. PretzelDude

    Welp, gotta go change my pants now. Been wanting to play 3 since I first heard about it NOT coming over here in the 90's, and I hate dealing with emulators, so this certainly sparks joy in me 😉 . Now I hope it's not upgraded like the recent SoM remake. IMHO I like the old gloriously colored pixel graphics of yesteryear for these games!

  19. DJ Matzel -

    Wonderful 🙂

  20. Dd Jh

    Thanks for this game SquareSoft!!!!! And now Chrono trigger remake like trials of mana pleaaaaase!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Stardust - NCXV Gaming

    This and orignal Trials of Mana and the Remake. Now can finally have peace the Mana Series.

  22. ShindoKokoro

    For those complaining it's only on Switch, just get a Switch. Sony would censor it on PS4, seeing as how both Angela and Riesz sleep naked.

  23. Victoria Harrison

    Adventures of Mana HD remake, Secret of Mana HD remake, and Trials of Mana HD remake on the Switch would be great… Granted I have the Adventures of Mana remake on iOS, and The Secret of Mana HD remake on PS4. Come on Square, I love my Switch, portability is perfect for these game to be on the Nintendo Switch. Also, please Remaster Chrono Trigger, with the Dragon Quest art style for Switch, & PS4! Please also remake or add to the Switch Secret of Evermore, Legend of Gaia, and the other games in the series. Collaborate with Nintendo on Super Mario RPG with an HD remaster for the Switch!!! Don’t you know your fans love the classics, original and remakes. ??‍♀️?

  24. Christopher Canupp

    I don't see why you people can't just own both a Switch and a PS4 like me, I mean if this game is on Switch get it on Switch if that Final Fantasy VII remake is on PS4 get it on PS4.

  25. Stardust - NCXV Gaming

    Now all we need is Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma, Rudra no Hihou, enhance on the switch. need come to the west and Remake those games.

  26. Gage BlackW23

    Please add italian translation on the remake of Trials of Mana.

  27. jumper the hedgehog

    Square enix I respectfully request a happy ending for kingdom hearts 4 where sora and kiari roxas and namine get married and to see elrena lauriam and luxord as normal people please

  28. Christian Zeimentz

    Man dieses Kampfsystem ist echt hart und Gewöhnungsbedürftig. Manchmal total nervig schwer ? teilweise auch unfair (die 2 wolfs Krieger die wo man das Mädchen retten muss)

  29. Christian Zeimentz

    Why english People here?

  30. Jett Maverick

    Lol Coming to the west for the first time!? Mate, I played Seiken Densetsu 3 about 15 years on an emulator thanks to a few clever internetters who fan translated the game, because Japan doesn't understand the Western Market & will just release anything decent in their territory, and occasionally flick us a Souls like or Monster Hunter.

  31. Joseph Reilly

    When on Steam?

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