BLOODMASQUE is an action RPG that takes place in Paris at the end of the 19th century, in an alternate history where vampires rule the world. Players play the role of vampire hunters seeking to free humanity from the night of vampire oppression, and foil the vampires‘ master plan.


  1. OmegaReviews

    why?… this shouldn't be a IOS shit game this should be on consoles and PC

  2. Manly Derp

    Looks neat… outside of the whole scary as balls uncanny valley thing it currently has going for it.

  3. somethingprofound69

    How long until cockface becomes a character?

  4. Kierphe-Actual


  5. Andraes

    Freakin awesome

  6. Hardstyle4live1

    I would make a picture of some dogshit

  7. Stellerman7

    The one downside is that it looks like they can't emulate emotions with the character's face.

  8. Greymane

    Count down to someone doodling a face on their wang and scanning it into this game…

  9. SkeleWitch

    I'm foreseeing dick faces in the near future.

  10. Benedict James Wee


  11. Andrew Jones

    That looks awesome, but didn't get to hear any of the voices

  12. Daniel Wurzer

    why did they record the voice actor in a fish tank?

  13. Bangl61

    Crap. Next?

  14. Wenceslao Futanki

    looks like shit

  15. ilichuu

    Please someone Use Nicolas cage face please

  16. Swox

    @qtzpkll yeah i agree def a top 10 BUT! you would probably enjoy this online game >

  17. Swordmaster200

    Infinity Blade meets Vampire: The Masquerade meets Final Fantasy. Looks awesome!

  18. JustAnoth3rChannel

    Y u no vita! Sadly i don't own any of applss product. Though i appriciate if you bring TWEWY:Solo Remix to the Vita as well

  19. Julez Rulez

    This does not look interesting at all

  20. Swordmaster200

    14 vampires watched this.

  21. ViciousAzel

    Why does this appear on mobile platforms???

    This title could have had so much more potential…

  22. DatapawWolf

    Because mobile platforms have more portable camera technology, this game will be able to utilize what the majority of its target tech supports out-of-the-box. I'm not going to buy a Kinect or any other video device and stand in front of it while it tries to capture my face. It's really that simple.

    Did you really think through your comment before posting it?

  23. Sovabehr Solace

    SE really needs to start focusing their assets. I'd very much prefer 4-5 decent titles a year than a dozen fail ones. SE, what are you doing? SE, stahp!

  24. DarkSamuraiX1989

    I'm playing this game 🙂

  25. Tsurugin

    Or some extremely pathetic looking protagonists :c

  26. Johnist1983

    Can we get this released for android also? I'd love to see this on OUYA

  27. Tatag Prawiro

    is the team doing this game the one that did last remnant? i am pretty sure the sfx and animation are similar

  28. Phil Bolton

    Apple must be throwing around some big bucks to be scoring all these exclusive titles.

  29. Angelo Savage

    Not for android 🙁

  30. Dionte Avant

    No. Just no.

  31. Swordmaster200

    Watched by 23 vampires.

  32. Luis Roman

    What happened can't play it no more

  33. Adelia Hana

    I miss this game so much 🙁 I still remember how hard it is to battle with dark version of lady dominique. I love the voice cast and everything. I miss it so badly

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