BLOODMASQUE – Gameplay Trailer

Bloodmasque is a new RPG for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch featuring cutting edge camera integration. Utilizing the front facing camera, this latest Square Enix mobile game, literally puts players into the shoes of courageous vampire hunters as they fight the dark forces.

At the close of the nineteenth century in vampire-ruled Paris, you are the hunter, stalking your prey in the streets, fighting insidious oppression, and thwarting the vampires‘ dark designs.

Available now on iOS from the Appstore.

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  1. Lake Chad

    So uhmm what's the gameplay actually like outside of the whole quicktime and facial recognition stuff? >.>

  2. Oleg Schäfer

    1:00 – 1:15

  3. Vicente Ramirez

    looks really low budget…and I'm not buying a tablet just to play this…facial capture looks kinda creepy as well…too much emphasis on the face makes the rest of the game look really out of place…

  4. caramel coffee

    Cool mechanic but ultimately pointless… Maybe in an mmo

  5. Alejandro Ayala

    Creepy, no thanks

  6. thsh3s


  7. EDEN FILMS - Anime/Games Cosplay Live Action

    Wow, that feature should be in most games!

  8. Rain Wheeler

    honestly, looks weak. the trailer is too pushy on trying to show you the reaction of someone playing it. very little is shown by this video except that square enix is targeting middle class dudes who think a chick would find this enjoyable and play it in a coffee shop.

  9. U NO HOO

    This looks rad, but could've shown more gameplay

  10. Fernando Cardona

    Guess I gotta remember to shave if I want to play a female character…

  11. Stephanie V

    Whoa.. O_O

  12. shadowheart52

    I bet it doesn't work half as well in the retail version. They probably used high tech capturing equipment for the trailer that isn't available on the machine we'll be using.

  13. BảoViệt Nguyễn

    Thats real , i just use ipad mini camera guy , u must choose right light for your skin

  14. gabedamien

    It works fine but it’s super-dependant on the lighting and framing. It can look REALLY funny and weird if you use a sloppy snapshot lit by a lamp or something, but with natural window light and careful framing it looks perfectly natural.

  15. RetroBoy

    why does square enix is disregarding android??? android has more users!!! must have this in android!!!

  16. Evelyn

    I love this game

  17. dragonboss31

    Ya ya toure?

  18. stevenr 542

    I can no longer find this game on apple but it sucks it's not on android either

  19. 暁Takuma暁

    failed potential this game could’ve honestly survived at least in 2018 with a new version of the game.

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