Here’s an early look at BABYLON’S FALL, revealing its fluid action gameplay and striking art style.

A ground breaking project developed in partnership with renowned action specialists PlatinumGames Inc. (NieR:Automata), keep your eyes open for more information about BABYLON’S FALL next summer!

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  1. Doggnutt

    Platinum Games…SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  2. I'm The Heroic Protagonist

    I'd hope actual Babylonian architectural designs get used at some point

  3. AceAscendus

    Looks like trash, another filler project by Platinum Games like Astral Chain. Wait for their next gen independent IPs, that is where the talent and Kamiya are at.

  4. marcio de faria

    karalhoooooooooooooo uuuuuuuaaaaaauuuuuuuuuu

  5. Csumbi

    kewl 😀

  6. Donderkonijn1978

    day fucking one.

  7. Wiggles

    Bayonetto, is that you?

  8. Meo P.

    For a Platinum Games, everything here looks … generic.

  9. Equinoqs

    Demon's Automata?

  10. Vanitas VENTUS

    Platinumgames be developing games like a waterfall.

  11. dustin mapel

    Lords of Dark Onimusha: Dawn of Castles May Fall 2 Souls Edition

  12. Guit average

    There is something odd about this game……
    They didn't show much about the Main Character…like most other Platinum games they make sure you get a good look at who you are playing as but not here……

  13. Arvae

    nanobreaker meets MGR?

  14. 2wleeg

    I was going to call this "Malenetta", but seeing the characters at end made me reconsider that. This does look great!

  15. pippo rossi

    20,99 € for now , right?

  16. urustai

    This looks very interesting. And the aesthetic reminds me of defunct EverQuest Next.

  17. Andrei Zhuk

    Why is MC design and art style so generic… Of cause gameplay will be great, but design wise this looks like least inspired Platinum game in ages.

  18. jaysanj152

    2017 : Nier Automata
    2018 : Darksiders 3
    2019 : Devil may Cry 5
    2020 : Babylon's Fall.

    Alright,Platinum Games….You have my undivided attention once more.
    And Bless you for releasing for Steam as well but Please let the Optimization be good..
    I remember having a hard time playing Nier on my RX580 since the game didn't get any updates and the Far mod finally made things a little better.

  19. ProphetPX

    is this single player FPS including RPG or just another MMO??

  20. budi isnadi

    Nier Automata: Global Illumination made the game runs like crap.
    Baby;on's Fall: Painting Effect made the game runs like crap.

  21. Westmark

    yes please

  22. GhoulDash97

    You can never go wrong with PlatinumGames.

  23. DG

    Welcome to 2010. Maybe on Scarlett

  24. Mr.Face2 kick

    The gameplay looks like a slower version of the combat in Nier automata.

  25. iliketurtlesyo

    I came, I saw, I jizzed a bucket. Just a bucket I jizzed, but nevertheless I came.

  26. Brian Long

    this looks like TRASH, just another nameless, faceless hack n slash blah blah blah, I've seen better looking mobile games. I rarely comment on anything, but I felt overly compelled to say something. Maybe im wrong and it will be great, just saying, it looks like trash.


    Looks awesome


    Love the Gregorian Chant at the end?????

  29. El Chaos

    Looks like NieR:Automata, but devoid of nearly all charisma and personality… ?

  30. shahrose butt

    This is just Devil May Cry mixed with Dark Souls and I am so down with it!


    where the hell was left legacy of kain dead sun and we want fans of the franchise a new video game to know what happened after kain and raziel

  32. Skaamit

    А «BABYLON’S FALL» от «PlatinumGames Inc.» и «Square Enix» жива и, вроде, даже здорова.

    Выглядит всё ещё интригующе, хотя до сих пор известно и понятно очень мало. Хоть и сильно недолюбливаю средневековый сеттинг с этими замками и рыцарями, но плашка «PlatinumGames Inc.» и их геймплей смогут всё уладить. Боёвка в целом выглядит медленнее, чем в прочих их играх, по крайней мере в глаза не бросается адский мувмент. Механика с призывными мечами или что это там будет выглядит интересно. Конечно хотелось бы от них получить игру по боевке более близкую к кэрэктер экшенам, чем к ебанной «NieR:Automata».

    Ждем «E3», видимо.

  33. Bichichi Duran

    Ps4 ???

  34. Re sotto la Montagna


  35. Mahdi Mohamed

    We need sleeping dogs 2 very soon

  36. Mahdi Mohamed

    We need sleeping dogs 2 very soon

  37. Mahdi Mohamed

    We need sleeping dogs 2 very soon

  38. Mahdi Mohamed

    We need sleeping dogs 2 very soon

  39. Gurminder Bhogal

    This should help the wait for Bayonetta 3

  40. Alain Valenzuela

    Nunca me desepciona Square Enix

  41. Itsjoeyourbro

    I wonder if it means 4 playable characters the end?

  42. Many Must Fall

    So who is Lon and why does that baby have to fall?

  43. Brian Sarra

    Better remake soul reaver for the ps5

    Still waiting …

  44. Shketri

    no thanks

  45. Sagar Kushwaha

    When did just cause 5 released pls reply

  46. Inhumanbog

    This isn't connected to astral chain is it?

  47. The Rational Man

    Looks rough. Definitely would advise them to overhaul the game from where it is now as Lost Soul Aside looks far better than this. These animations are just so rough in the air, making Lost Soul Aside and Final Fantasy 15 look next-gen in comparison to this game. If this was a PS4 Launch title back in 2013, it would fare better.


    You should make a justice league game with the flash and stuff like that

  49. Unknow0059

    Holy shit, this is awesome!!!!!!! Aahh!!

  50. Misanthropist

    Platinum Games and STEAM. Instabuy.

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