BABYLON’S FALL – E3 2018 Announcement Trailer

BABYLON’S FALL is a brand-new, ground breaking project being developed in partnership with PlatinumGames Inc. It will release on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and STEAM® in 2019.


  1. Irvin Schwantes

    Your trailer is pathetic i cant imagine how horrible the movie is. Pitiful!!!!!!

  2. Mastah Binc

    Square Enix + PlatinumGames = GOTY potential
    Rich lore
    Great combat (Platinum duh)
    4-player coop(?)

  3. Ragnarok

    Well, it's Square-Enix and Platinum games so here is hopeing it an RPG, I would be sold, but I need more information and visuals before I take the plunge and order.

  4. ninjammer726

    this looks cool

  5. Skaamit

    Что-то хз. Но тизер с этими рыцарями выглядит прям как Дарк прям Соулс-соулс от "Square Enix" и "PlatinumGames Inc.", но вообще непонятно. Саму же эту "BABYLON'S FALL" надо будет как-нибудь посмотреть, что же там выйдет. Но новая игра Платинув – Я доволен, крч. Кто знаете, может Скверы и дальше или просто чаще будут издавать игры "PlatinumGames Inc.", а там может и новая экшеновая и безумная или просто клёвая игра появится от этого союза.

  6. Twisted with Melancholy

    …( ^_^)
    You came here for answers

    (°__° )…
    You left even more confused

  7. RafaelDB

    only 30 K views?
    this should have been on Sony conference instead of Square Enix's dumb conference damnit

  8. itsmine entertainment

    Did anyone else think of white Knight Chronicles when watching this

  9. Mastah Binc

    OLD WORLD locations: Helos Empire, Bardenwald Forest, Greyborn Forest, Tarderas Highlands, Plains of Old Dandor…, Magisen Empire, Dirkmil Forest, S… Tower, Avariel

    CE5000 – Discovery of the Oversoul
    During Albenland's era of expansion, its people
    discover an unknown energy known as the Oversoul.

    CE5017 – The Age of Dawn
    After years of experimentation, the Helos Empire,
    succeeds in developing weapons that harness the Oversoul.

    CE5083 – The Oversoul Prophecies
    A small group of seers hailing from all kingdoms use crystallized Oversoul
    fragments to predict the future and write down these prophecies in the Ephesan Book.

    CE5089 – The Apocalypse
    The seers have visions of
    an all-consuming darkness.

    CE5099 – Waland's Journey
    By order of the Helos Empire, Waland travels
    to the darklands in the far south, foretold by the
    Ephesian book as the location of mankind's revival.

    CE5109 – The Soul Riot
    With resentment rising against the ruling class over
    its use of the Oversoul, riots break out among the masses.

    CE5113 – World War
    As the rulers of each kingdom turn against their
    respective populaces, the riots escalate into full-blown war

    CE5200 – Divine Punishment
    Disgusted by humanity's unwillingness to learn from its past
    mistakes, the elder gods unleash their wrath upon mankind.

    CE5205 – Birth of a Goddess
    With the purpose of rescuing humanity from the
    brink of extinction, a new goddess Gaia was born.

    NEW WORLD locations: Gotterhafen, Upper Gotterhafen, Underworld, Sanctuary, Shrine of Souls

    CE5208 – Birth of a New World
    Gaia creates a new world in order
    to give humanity one last chance.

    CE5220 – Age of Harmony
    Humans begin to inhabit the new world,
    and a period of peace follows.

    CE5338 – Scholars of Gaia
    Concerned about people losing faith in Gaia,
    the high priest Darius forms a consort known as the Scholars of Gaia.

    CE5347 – End of a Dream
    The public execution of a non-believer by the
    Scholars of Gaia creates tension among the masses.

    CE5356 – War of Beliefs
    Unable to overcome their ideological differences,
    the Scholars of Gaia and the Helios Order start
    engaging in frequent skirmishes.

    CE5385 – Spread of the Soul Plague
    The unexplained outbreak of the soul plague
    prompts the different factions to capitalize on the
    people's fear and expand their efforts to convert the masses.

    CE5430 – New World Academy
    Fearing for the future of mankind after rediscovering the
    Ephesian Book, the seer Maria forms the New World Academy
    amid the rapidly worsening war.

    CE5450 – Punishment
    On the Day of Judgement, Gaia turns against mankind.

    CE5475 – Awakening
    Deep within the Shrine of Souls, the Nomads are born.

    CE5500 – Rebirth
    Led by the Nomads, Humanity strikes back against Gaia.


    Developed by PlatinumGames

  10. ZeldaFan 226

    I'm going to assume that this is a tactical strategy game.

  11. Danny The D.

    Yoko Taro is that you?

  12. kl wies

    Square Enix and Platinum that means Action RPG with an Epic story line. Going by today's Trends it should be in similar veins like God of War BUT with Recent success of Resident Evil 2 Rmake it would be BEST to follow RE 2 approach. Have 4 playable characters with its own story line with different supporting characters THIS would be EPIC. But then again CAN Platinum do it? Not unless Square Enix give it a BIG budget and long enough timeline to develop it. RE 2 remake made it due to it piggy back on the last hit RE game and using ready assets costing far lower to develop.

  13. Treyanokouji4832

    What on earth is this

  14. Igo Dreamer


  15. The Algerian

    Come on, do something.

  16. The Elba

    Woolie Madden has just shit all over himself.

  17. Deacon Sel Annoa

    Souls game feel?

  18. Rafael Giornes

    E3 2019 with release date?

  19. Some Dude

    Nothing on E3. Brilliant.

  20. Alolan Vulpix Getting Railed

    arpg? wtf is it

  21. The Algerian

    Watching this again, I'm under the impression that Platinum games really enjoyed Dark Souls.

  22. shaq430

    Hopefully we get to see more of this soon!

  23. Minicupi ja ja

    I was hopin to see somethin about this game on this E3, when the Square Enix conference ended without any info about it i was so fuckin angry, for the love of god, show us atleast another trailer dammit!!!

  24. Mohammed Alssamra'ey

    You have my attention from the Title itself… Babylon's is my country old name <Iraq>
    The lore is deep and intriguing and square enix and platinum games collaborations…
    I want to be like Nier automata/God of War style gameplay and even better movements and dark fantasy world to explore

  25. Witty

    Release date: never

  26. DG

    One of the first games of Scarlett? I think yes. Although Platinum don't have ilussion for new consoles, I hope a great game, great visuals and no loads.

  27. MP

    I’d like to remind you all that this game is supposed to be coming out this year and yet we still know almost nothing about it.

  28. Solten X17

    2019 eh? well there are still 3 months left but that's hopeful thinking.

    hopefully we see something new soon

  29. Cc

    Can you show us the gameplay in next trailer please ❤️❤️

  30. Buster Boy


  31. hard mode

    men wtf, P+ you doing all right? You didnt delivered a game in years, and backed downd from Gran Fantasia Developing? lm actually worried

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