Arkanoid vs Space Invaders – Launch Trailer

Two of the most iconic classic games ever made meet in Arkanoid vs Space Invaders!

Combines the exciting shoot ‘em up and block breaking gameplays in one game: reflect the invaders bullets right back at them, gather energy and trigger Attack Mode to destroy your enemies.

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  1. P0k3rm4s7

    I was expecting a Nintendo Switch release like PuyoPuyo VS Tetris, but a mobile game will do I guess

  2. Pocketplayer DX

    thanks square enix!!
    my childhood has been reformed to its joyful memories!!

  3. Jetfox967


  4. danfreed


  5. TallulahSoie


  6. Iftekhar Ahmed

    Thank you so much for this Square Enix. It's been too long since you done anything with Taito intellectual properties!

  7. Fadli Ax

    Thanks for straight up nice price with no IAP! great move proud of you <3

  8. Game Over

    And coming soon: Tetris vs Pacman

  9. terence1m1

    Dose this game need an internet connection to play it?

  10. Sneaky Ferret

    I'll buy it if it comes out on an actual gaming system

  11. Agustin Goicoechea

    thank you very much! I love Taito. Looking forward to More Taito games. Specially from Bub and Bob!

  12. Casa do Banner

    Oh God, YES !!!

  13. Jet is bae

    I was waiting for something big, and nope, another smartphone game, it's just sad that Taito only makes smartphone games now…Square Enix killed Taito…this could have worked better as an arcade game, but seems like Japanese people are more into idol games now, why can't Taito make something new for consoles?

  14. MetalJesusRocks

    Looks like a ton of fun. Please bring to the Nintendo Switch!! pleeeeeeez! 🙂

  15. Magegg

    Too much color and distracting particles and effects to me.

  16. fcon

    holy shit what is this

  17. Crossovers

    You done good Square-Enix. Love this game! I love the Taito cameos! I wish there were more characters but the ones we got is just awesome!

  18. Majoras

    note to retro game developers: quit using the generic gay techno music. it didn't work for pac-man ce

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