Ariana Grande – Touch It – FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Remix || Music Video II FFBE Version

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Internationally acclaimed recording artist and actress Ariana Grande is joining the world of FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS starting today for a limited time.

SQUARE ENIX has made the following video to celebrate the launch of this exciting collaboration.

Enjoy this exclusive listen to Ariana Grande’s hit song “Touch It – FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Remix” as it plays in the background, and immerse yourself in the epic world of FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS.


  1. R1ngs

    0:44 is that a mother fucking dark souls reference?

  2. genmaximus110

    This song is so sexual for a FF game. ??

  3. Elio Estrada

    We need this back! RIGHT NOW!

  4. Lord of Lard

    They finally made the right Mobile game.

  5. Søda Meløn

    I kind of wish this video played to some extent whenever I start playing. Ever since she did the remix with Square and that initial event went down, this song has been stuck in my head as the definitive main theme for this game.

  6. roxas the sable willing and able

    The characters seem great but I am 110% against mobile gaming, therefore like the characters of Overwatch ( which are also great) they are wasted on a stupid game that appeals to the little brother fan base

  7. King K Rool Fan

    Ariana Grande and Final Fantasy. Huh, that’s a pretty cool combo there

  8. Fleeting Expertise

    I wish Square made this into a actual RPG for the ps4, it would've been a hit with the beautiful cgi, characters and plot.

  9. Mooshry

    I hope they bring her back for Sweetener!

  10. Javier

    Now looking back i can see why some people are mad, there are myriad of styles they can use but they chose the whore-like BDSM style. It's kind of degrading.

  11. Cupriferous Catalyst

    Wow this is the best FF cameo I could ever think of! Look at (and listen to) this beautiful collaboration of Japanese and American artists.

  12. Pedro Blanco

    It's a pity SE and Gumi won't bring her back for her 7*. We arianators were basically lied to when they said every 5 star base would get their awakening, but now we can't keep using Ariana, false advertising.

  13. Lord Metallium

    im just gonna post this, LONG LIVE METAL! this works for FF14 not grande lols

  14. KiraNear777

    I love Ariana Grande and I love FF, but this is so….

  15. Ainsley Laurent

    Now I'm hoping other celebrities to be here and to be in dissidia arcade NT!!!❤❤❤

  16. Ainsley Laurent

    I'm needing Taylor swift Reputation version here in final fantasy brave exvius ❤❤❤

  17. ABG 1YT

    Character models still 100000000× better than ff6&5 android models

  18. Midnight

    New event for Ariana Grande pleaseeee

  19. Alvaro Miranda

    The adventure is never dull and the story, side stories, and characters are masterpieces…

  20. Azizul buchori

    I want ariana backk ??

  21. Erika Kimura

    I love this song…hope there is " love story " between Rain and Fina.

  22. Diana Barragan

    Esto es perfecto, porque combina Final fantasy, con la música de Ariana.

  23. Aurea

    man, I miss playing ffbe. this was the very last event that I've played, still a damn good song

  24. Kuripot Si Talim

    Ariana used Thundaga?!

  25. MusickalFire

    I just got into the game this past June, any chance this character is still available to be drawn?

  26. Lovely Peaches

    I want Gaga in FF

  27. Dark Gallade

    Please bring her back soon. I really don't mind Katy, but Ariana has a special place in my heart and was the reason some people started playing the game. Give Ariana some love!



  29. VocalCalibration

    Laughs in Kingdom Hearts

  30. Ana Garcia

    I see gay, i click

  31. The Boss Tex 117

    This song may be good, but it doesn’t go with Final Fantasy.

  32. L P

    a very nice song

  33. Lucy Shi


  34. xAdorkable Chan

    1:36 – "Just kiss already!" lol

  35. Laxiend13

    I need this remix on Spotify! Why is the song not on spotify?!

  36. Armando Tan

    Thanks to youtube recommendations, I have just found out about this now! Awesome!

  37. kyosuke009 m

    I still like listening to the song at times

  38. Harrison Johnson


  39. SmexiVan ;D

    This remix still good.

  40. LuisXGP

    Where is the full square enix version of this ?

  41. Yuna

    I would like to perform a duet with Ari, she's awesome.

  42. ben dragon

    wonder if they will update this banner

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