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Internationally acclaimed recording artist and actress Ariana Grande will lend her likeness to the hit RPG, FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS, the free-to-play FINAL FANTASY® mobile game.

This is all the exclusive behind the scenes interviews with the FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS directors.

As part of this collaboration, Ariana’s hit song “Touch It” will be arranged

as a FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS –style remix, which can be listened on this video.

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  1. Truth Course #1

    Been playing FF since forever and I can say this will be interesting. Just some more FF OSTs to put into my phone.

  2. GITech

    Dear Square Enix: Please read…

    *I hope you fix up ashes abs (stomach muscles) in FF12 remake. *

    From the looks of it you haven't changed any of the textures other than possibly put them through an upscaler and possibly made some pseudo normal and specular maps for them. 🙁

  3. Sasuke Uchiha

    Lol I like Leona Lewis and Florence and the Machines soundtracks way more!

  4. Red Mage

    You'll have to pray to unlock the new prayable character.

  5. Sheepen Neepen

    We wan't arania grande in Dissidia and FFXIV LOL

  6. Rae Nowaihed


  7. Daniel Vicencio

    I was expecting quarter note triplets with the timpani at the first part of the song when I first heard this. I think it would've been better. ?

  8. Daniel Vicencio

    I was expecting quarter note triplets from the timpani within the first part of the song when I first heard this. I think it would've been better. ?

  9. juanchol21


  10. *Laffy* *Taffy*

    I literally got final fantasy because I heard Arians was going to be in it.plzz say it's true

  11. alexacool99

    at first i got my doubts about Ariana Grande singing the main remix and also appearing in the game
    but, i'll give it a try
    also, the song sounds decent

  12. West Croft

    So exciting!

  13. silkroad54541 lol

    Imagine Nick Wood be like: My name is Nick Wood and I'm producing this song. But still can't get any 5*

  14. Rachelle Cano

    Arrangment and Orchestration by film/tv composer, Sebastian Cano-Besquet of Los Angeles.

  15. Matthew Smith

    You know a franchise has hit rock bottom when it sacrifices it's integrity for celebrity guests. Not to mention ones that will be irrelevant in a matter of months.

  16. Viking Hammer

    I hate when games do this, they put a whore that sings all the time about sucking cock…

  17. The Royal Crowned Tiger

    Why has the song been removed for ?

  18. Trevor Philips

    But does she floss in Louis Vuitton like Lightning does? HUH?! That's what I thought. #QueenLightningSlays

  19. SolBuster

    Hey cool shit.
    Nothing to complain about here. Thank you for the cool content.

    -From: A fan who actually appreciates the work people do.

    Pretty much everyone complaining is a sad nerd that can't handle anything outside of nerd media.

  20. zenogias01

    Just played the new FFE event and hearing this mix was a treat – suitably epic for a Final Fantasy boss battle, and the new Chic Arians character is quite good. Thanks for great game, Square!

  21. Rachelle Cano


  22. Rachelle Cano

    Hi Nick Wood.(Producer on video above) Why don't you mention the person who transformed it with you? That is the arranger and composer who re-wrote it for you, and arranged the orchestra for you in Europe. You should have mentioned his name: SEBASTIAN CANO-BESQUET. Where is that "VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU?" You did not do it alone. Quit taking all the credit! DO YOU BELIEVE IN KARMA?

  23. Rabbit Hole

    The word is spreading in the "small" L.A. music community… Nick Wood takes credit where it is not due and neglects to give credit to those who do the work. You'll regret your inappropriate behavior Wood – sooner or later. My bet is sooner. There will be no one to steal credit from when no one will work with you.

  24. Raquel Lopes


  25. AngryDel

    The genius that came up with this train crash of a collab should be immediately seppukued.

  26. Meld

    Your site/twitter/facebook links in the description are broken due to a ")" at the end.

  27. Jennifer Caldera

    Pls add her back to the game!!

  28. Sapuan N

    Collaboration just come once? OmG, for new player how to get valkyrie, xenogear etc… It is not fair…

  29. Kyo Mebi


  30. ken

    she gave gamers rights

  31. Rachelle Cano

    ATTN: Square Enix, and PRODUCTION STAFF: If I may politely submit, this clip fails to mention who is for responsible for the arrangement and production. It was SEBASTIAN CANO-BESQUET, film composer in Los Angeles. The orchestra you see here on this video was made possible by Sebastian Cano-Besquet who is a graduate of USC's Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television. Music just doesn't "happen." It takes talent and creativity. When you hire musicians and composers, please give credit where credit is do. Thank you. Grazie.
    Reach Sebastian Cano-Besquet directly at:

  32. LuisXGP

    I played this game but hated the connection to japan servers, was so annoying to wait several seconds just to browse through menus.
    I loved the Arianna Grande event, but left playing it because they added new ways of grinding, sum those new menus with the connection to japan servers from america and you get a disaster.

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