Ariana Grande – Touch It – FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Remix II The Making of "Touch it"

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Internationally acclaimed recording artist and actress Ariana Grande has joined the world of FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS for a limited time until February 2, 2017..

SQUARE ENIX releases the making of “Touch IT – FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Remix” to celebrate the collaboration.
You can hear the full version of this song in this video.

The video cannot be played on mobile devices in certain regions.

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  1. //

    Touch It

    I know why they chose this song tho, it's bc that's how you play the game. "Touch To Play". Teehee!!2 ;"3

    Kidding aside, "Bad Decisions", "Be Alright", and of course "Dangerous Woman" can also be in the game too.

    Nevertheless, the remix of the song is beautiful. Her vocals were also showcased in the remix, and of course, the orchestral part.

    Imagine if she were also to star in an FF cg-produced movie, even just the voice acting…

    I'm sorry, I just can't help but fandom.


  2. Jason Coombs

    Plz ad this into ff 15

  3. Andrew Chang

    Does anybody else get goosebumps and THO from this?

  4. RibbonS Runner

    i love ffbe , i love ariana

  5. Fai Boy

    This is the best song thank u square enix

  6. Larissa Borges

    play this at my funeral

  7. Genesis007AUT

    if just the game wasnt on mobile phones…

  8. JTF on YT YouTube Channel

    Arisna is so KAWaii I love this remix parang replay anthem style. Keep it up square enix

  9. JTF on YT YouTube Channel

    Ariana grande is so kawaii. And remix of touch it. That remix is similar to shift 2 replay anthem style before? Keep it up final fantasy

  10. Chaelin CL


  11. Elly-Mae x


  12. Rachelle Cano

    Composer Sebastian Cano-Besquet's strings parts are exquisite! What a dramatic and filmatic arrangement that perfectly supports the silky vocal demeanor of Ms. Grande performing at her best. The tracks magically meld together making it a 'dreamy experience' for the listener, while inspiring gamers to reach for new levels.

  13. Moonletto

    I love ariana and the song touch it is bae ??? I also love the game, best thing is that ariana is OP xd

  14. Ishvathecarguy

    Anybody else wish they could buy this version? I already loved the original but I love this version just as much.

  15. くろ猫

    As expected from Square Enix. Majestic orchestral music as always.

    Tbh, this remix is far much better than the original version. I never liked ariana's song, but since i heard this song.. i have to admit that she has a good voice.. Ariana should be grateful that Square Enix remixed her song, which made ppl realize that her voice is gud..
    the original version is like a dead song. because, it has no instrument.. but this remix feels so alive.

  16. Allan Fabius-Brown

    This is retarded, Greedy is way more appealing. Im a musician, composer and all i can say is after listening to both songs Greedy would have been a much wiser choice to appeal to the gaming community however in my own opnion I wouldnt have used either song. The title track Dangerous Woman or Let me love you (remove Lil' Wayne) would have been much greater in all areas. I take me work to the next level every time I sit down and Ive always said you shouldnt let business men who know nothing about how to make music stimulating decide what song to use. Still to the keys and mouse and let the actual musician decide whats appropriate. For instance if that business man let the composer decide he would have chose a proper track. The composet did a great remix of Touch It but im sure he would have done something even better with a different song, probably a song I wouldnt have chosen but it would have made the pressure greater for him resulting in a proper Final Fantasy Ariana Grande remix. The ultimate thing to have done was have Nobuo and Araina work together to create a new orchestral oprea piece from scratch and teach Ariana Japanese. Dumb asses. lol

  17. Carlos Fernandez

    Podrían agregar la canción a Spotify porfavor 🙁
    Es una gran canción

  18. aaryav


  19. aaryav

    they liked greedy and touch it we stan!

  20. aaryav

    all these twelvie virgins pissed cause they think touch it is abt sex

  21. Naoya Ueno

    Her brand new album called "Sweetener" will be released on 20th of July. Why don't you collaborate with her again? My recommendation for a song to use is No Tears Left to Cry because its concept is to overcome the hardship and look forward, which is similar to BE's world(Even in a completely hopless situation, they never surrender or give up, they give us hopeful light).

  22. Espy Doo


  23. campkira

    Did not noticed.

  24. 《J U W E N - K I M 》

    I feel bad for the dude at 5:44 hes runnin out of breath

  25. Rainy Toaster

    Like how Buns says it

    We didn't deserve this at all

  26. Corner Friends

    Please bring back Ariana event, we want 7* CKA ???

  27. Steven Chou

    I really wish FFBE War Of The Vision song is release from their exact japanese singer…please invite Kamijo from Versailles!!

  28. UmbrumSoldier15

    Can't believe that Ariana Grande is technically cannon to Smash Bros.

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